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Blogger Alii Muhammed to inspire men in the UAE to look their best

Clothes shopping might a chore for some men, but for Dubai based fashion blogger Alii Muhammed, it is a passion. If you were to open his wardrobe in his Jumeirah Village Circle apartment, you would find “endless items of clothing” – including more than 50 pairs of shoes, more than 20 suits, and stacks of pocket squares.

“There are also all the suitcases on top of my wardrobe and under my bed,” the suave 25-year-old says. “My wardrobe turnover is crazy. As a blogger, I need to invest in new pieces all the time, so that I’m able to show variety.”

Alii Muhammed aims to inspire men to take more pride in their appearance through his page on instagram. With 42,000 followers on his page, it has become one of the most popular men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs in the Middle East.

He believes that men in the region need to be educated about fashion – because “it isn’t their number one topic of choice”.

“The guys have the money to buy clothes, but they still tend to tag along with the women when they shop,” he says.

Alii Muhammed started his blog, which initially stood for Mens fitness, four years ago when he was a digital-marketing student in Middlesex University Dubai.

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