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Blogger Shivangi Goel Is ‘A Woman For Every Woman’. Read Her Inspiring Story Here!

Without any doubt, women are the biggest inspiration. It won’t be wrong to say that behind every successful woman is herself. Shivangi Goel has brought a significant change by breaking the stereotypes of pregnancy myths. Pregnancy is that phase when numerous things are going in a woman’s mind. Right from doubts about the physical and emotional ups and downs, she has to deal with a lot. Experiencing and going through this struggle, Shivangi decided to start her own blog after giving birth to her first child. 

A passionate woman that she is, she loves to help people and influence them in the right way. Today the influencer is inspiring many women on the internet with sharing motivational stories. She considers her two boys her biggest source of motivation. While talking about her journey, Shivangi said, “My journey inspires women to raise kids in a happy environment. I am on social media to motivate them and to maintain their individuality as I strongly believe that happy moms raise happy kids. There is a great sense of contentment from within when you bring a change and positive impact in someone’s life and I am doing my bit.”

She hails from Delhi and is a post-graduate. Getting nostalgic about her college days, she said that she was an all-rounder. Right from sports to academics, she was a pro and had a keen interest in extra-curricular activities. Helping people is what she loves to do. However, after her marriage, the social media influencer thought that her dreams had hit a roadblock and she would be nothing but an ordinary homemaker. But her courage helped her achieve her goal and after delivering a child, she made up her mind to become a social media influencer and support women who are going through tough times. Inspiring everyone by her work, we need more people like Shivangi Goel who brings a positive change in the world. Don’t you agree?

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