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Bombay Marketers Digital Agency, part of the Google for Start Ups Community, reveals their trade secrets on successfully completing 2 years in Digital Advertising

“Creativity in digital advertising is a must but the result needs to be excellent ROI for your client.” – Henil Sheth, Founder & Strategic Head at Bombay Marketers    

Digital Advertising foundations have gone through more changes across platforms in the last two years than it did over the decade. As more & more businesses pivot towards developing an online presence, platforms & advertising experts are constantly upgrading themselves to cater to the ever-expanding business shelf for e-commerce brands.

“Everything that happens offline affects the online ecosystem. It is only natural for businesses to cut down on their advertising costs during periods of crisis. The challenge as a digital marketing professional is to bring out the best results within the limitations,” says Henil Sheth (Founder & Strategic Head at Bombay Marketers Digital Agency).

Working with multiple start-ups & scaling their online business from the ground up, Bombay Marketers boasts an elite set of 50+ clients across various domains like Ecommerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, EdTech, Industrial Portfolios, etc. However, their core expertise lies in Ecommerce Consumer Brand Development & Advertising.

“When we started back in 2019, both of us were extremely passionate about helping small-scale start-ups to thrive with a digital presence. After two years, that has remained unchanged. We have upskilled, grown our team, went from managing $2000 in Monthly Ad Spend to Managing $10,000+ in Monthly Ad Spend. We have also added PR Reach, Influencer Marketing & AR Technology to the array of services we offer. We are always working to become the best possible extended team for our partners. There is nothing more amazing than watching brands grow and we get to be part of their journey,” adds Saakshi Mhadgut (Co – Founder & Creative Head, Bombay Marketers Digital Agency).

With changing dynamics, many creative & digital agencies have turned towards innovative methods to sustain. From in-person brainstorming sessions to online meetings across the globe, there has been a paradigm shift in the manner people now network.

When asked what the one piece of advice is, he would give to next-gen professionals, Henil says, “When you are a young professional just starting out, it is difficult to build trust with potential clients or even your direct superior. They often assess you by your age first and assume you obviously lack in experience, so it is very important that your skills & knowledge can vouch for your expertise that you can build that trust upon. Creativity in digital advertising is a must but the result needs to be excellent ROI for your client.”

Saakshi further adds, “When we give guest lectures in colleges, students often ask what the best way is to pitch, and I always tell them that the best way to pitch is not to think you are pitching at all. It does not matter whether the interaction is happening online or in person. Keep the interaction humane. Your goal is to solve their problem. So, ask the correct questions, understand the root of their issue, ask what type of solution they are looking for before you offer one. Nobody likes a salesperson that keeps selling.”

On Being a Part of Google for Start-Ups Community

“It is essentially a Community I am a part of on behalf of Bombay Marketers wherein we can attend global workshops conducted by Google & interact with Startups founded or co-founded by women. It is extremely powerful & inspiring to interact & learn from women across various countries, ethnicities & entrepreneurial ventures. The workshops are exclusive for people part of the community & make the learning extremely unique where I get a chance to upskill& talk to exceptionally talented & hardworking women. It is a win–win,” explains Saakshi Mhadgut on being a female entrepreneur and being a part of the Google for Start-Ups Global Community.

Bombay Marketers Digital Agency is based out of Mumbai & Bengaluru, recently covering bases in New York, and expanding to a global clientele. They specialize in Shopify Online Store Development, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, PR & Influencer Reach & AR& Instagram Filter Technology.

Instagram: bombaymarketersofficial
Connect with Bombay Marketers at: hello@bombaymarketers.com

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