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Boopesh Reddy An only Indian Man With Top Super Cars in his BrenGarage.

The dream becomes a reality if you have the passion and belief in yourself and the capacity to work hard to achieve your goals in real. Boopesh Reddy, a well-known businessman from Bengaluru and petro head, MD of Bren Corporation he is in infrastructure and development and property development business from a long time.

Boopesh Reddy is also famous for his car collection supercar collector he has given a name for his  Garage "BrenGarage" where you find his super collection, and he has all the beast car in his Garage. His dream was to collect top vehicles of the world when he started his business in stating he did not have that much capacity, but as we say when you have the passion for achieving something in life and guts to work hard for it, then nothing is impossible in this world. This line suits perfectly to Boopesh Reddy, who is now having a top collection, and his dream has become a reality because of his hard work.

Boopesh Reddy not only collects cars, but he likes to drive on speed circuits in Chennai and other circuits like buddha circuit to feel the heat, sound of beast cars. He also goes to long drive he recently went to Assam Shillong for a long ride with one of his supercar, he shared the photos of his driving journey on Instagram.  

Boopesh Reddy also keeps cars shows at his BrenGarage in Bengaluru for all the car enthusiast every time. He feels we did not have such collectors in our time else he would have visited that place every day to see his dream cars.

It is great to see a businessman takes out his time for his hobbies and love of his life not all can do it. But Boopesh Reddy is different from others, and he has balanced his life beautifully. He is growing in business and also living his personal life royally with luxurious wheels which no one has till now in India. If you see his whole collection, it is simply outstanding and inspiration to all the businessman how to live life when you have the money to purchase it.

It will be interesting to see now which Super-car will make a place in Boopesh Reddy's BrenGarage.

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