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Brahmaputra Market at Noida Is A Janpath in Making For Foodies

When it comes to famous food-joints and eateries in the city, the foodies of Noida think they always have fewer…

Brahmaputra Market at Noida Is A Janpath in Making For Foodies

When it comes to famous food-joints and eateries in the city, the foodies of Noida think they always have fewer options than the Delhiites have. Delhi is destined with Janpath, Khan Market, Pandara Road, Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, Safdarjung, Rajouri Garden, Lajpat Nagar, Satya Niketan and Hauz Khas where we get scores of our favorite cuisines. So most of you living in the planned city of Noida take a metro ride towards the walled city of the national capital, Delhi, to your favorite diners. But Noida also has some untapped range of finest restaurants, where you can drop by with your friends and family on weekends.

Nestled at the edge of Noida sector 29, Brahmputra Market colloquially knows as BP market, is one such place waiting for your footfall. Scattered in not more than 70 odd steps, Brahmputra market embraces a dozen plus food-joints, stalls, kiosks and eateries, laden with plenty of street-food options. 

Paradise for carnivores

Kebab: For a non-vegetarian, the main-course is incomplete without Kebabs as starters. If you have a knack for Awadhi non-veg cuisines, this place serves some delectable Lucknowi Galouti Kebab and Shami Kebab. Galouti Kebab is minced meat of lamb ground with onions, tomatoes, gram flour, cloves, cinnamon, and other rich Âsecret spices shallow-fried on a Wok vessel.  On the other hand, Shami Kebab also has the same variant but a bit rough in texture than Galouti Kebab. Galouti can be your hot favorite starter at BP. The Kebab is served on disposable leaf plates with Rumali roti, spicy mint-coriander chutney sprinkled with finely chopped ring like onions and slices of lemon. I suggest you order one Shami and Galouti each in one plate so that you can try the variant. It quietly melts in your mouth. The smoky flavor of Kebab teases you to order more but wait for the other regular non-veg items decorated on small kiosk and stalls. 

Mutton Korma

Mutton and Chicken Korma are an all-time favorite for the meat lovers. But is it possible for a Noida resident to visit Al Jawahar or KarimÂs at Gali Kababian (Matia Mahal) to satiate their taste buds? I doubt! So why do not drive down 1.3 km from Noida 18 Metro to BP for some delicious Mutton Korma? Served with hot Rumali and salad of mint and onion, Mutton Korma tastes extremely authentic. The rough and thick gravy of with oil floating on its surface is the mark of traditional Mughlai Mutton Korma which any carnivore would love to devour. ItÂs delicious and appetizing flavor makes you think why didnÂt you come to this place earlier? 

Tandoori Chicken

The aroma of smoke and butter roasted chicken can be smelt some distance ahead before you reach the BP market. The love and craving for Tandoori Chicken are unbound so as the Tandoori chicken stall doesnÂt disappoint you! The crispy, spicy and succulent taste of chicken is worth coming down to BP. 

WhatÂs there for the vegetarians?

In case you would think that Âsince the start of this article the author has only focused on non-vegetarian cuisines and you are making up in your mind to rush to nearest Pind Baluchi then hold it, pal, BP market has everything that a vegetarian loves to have on a dinner date. 

From starters like Ram Laddu, Pani Puri and Dahi Bhalle up to conventional Punjabi Thali, and from veg-kebab to Paranthas and Ram Laddu, BP has it all. There are plenty of small kiosks serving some delectable snacks which you usually get on the streets of Janpath and Connaught Place. 

The main course has all the different variants you want to see in your Thali, like Paneer Butter Masala, Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, Aloo Jeera, Butter Nan, Kofta, Kadahi Paneer, Mushroom Masala, Soyachap and etc. 


A Chinese corner at the end of the lane serves some delicious noodles fried with lots of green veggies and pepper. The crispy chilly potato is you cannot miss. Served with spicy red Schezwan Sauce and Mayonnaise. 

There are also Pav Bhaji and Dosa corner where you can have some taste of South and West India at one time. 

Lemonades, Coffee, and Desserts

What do you need after a heavy meal in summers? Probably a lemonade or ice cream or some dessert? To wash down the heavy meal you can try a glass of Arora lemon located in the middle of the market. 

There is also one coffee shop where you can have cold coffee. 

Many foodies canÂt do it without dessert at the end of their meal. At the other end of the lane, there is one kiosk that sells Kulfi, Rabri, and Gola which will wrap up your visit to Brahmputra Market. 

BP has variations. Not only this place embraces some finest veg and non-veg cuisines but it also has outdoor shops for girls apparels, Henna vendors and jewelry. There is also a book stall where you can find some bestsellers for your metro ride.   

And most importantly, these all can be afforded without burning a hole in your pocket. So when are you coming?