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Bringing life to Sunder Nagar: Amit Saini

In times when Hill stations are becoming the major attraction across India, there’s one that is like a hidden treasure in the heart of Mandi district in Himachal, the place is called Sunder Nagar. The beautiful town of Sunder Nagar is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the beauty of it is just one of the elements that the city offers. To our surprise, the city is not only beautiful but also has some of the sweetest and caring people who want to make sure the progress of the town. One such name is Amit Saini who’s a social worker and is also known for a lot of his ventures in the city. Amit Saini who was born in Sunder Nagar on 3rd May 1992 is a keen social worker whose achievements are perhaps bigger than his heights.

With his keen interest in politics, he started his journey after his post-graduation from the renowned Abhilashi university, then he was assigned as the president of the college due to his unfathomable popularity. Thereafter, his steps to become an ideal leader started from being elected as the General Secretary to the Youth Congress Sunder Nagar in 2013 to the President of Crime and Corruption organization in 2015 followed by becoming the General Secretary of the young congress in the Mandi Parliament in 2018. He was also a media coordinator for the Lok Sabha elections for a leading political party in India. Amit is a very social and caring leader who admires leading by example. His visions are mostly determined by the people around him.

His friends often call him “People’s man” with the kind of connection he makes instantly with his peers. Amit is supported a lot by the people around him since he has been able to derive great results for them. Amit’s primary vision is the growth of the town. He wants to work on making the town become more aesthetic and clean to get more amount of people to explore his town. Amit quotes “For me, Sunder Nagar has been at the core of my heart. I ought to make decisions around my life here and want to do so much more to get the city glowing in the map of the country.” By adding more facilities and working to add more of them, Amit has already started to take the initiative of a very organic yet beautiful Sunder Nagar.
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