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Caroline Crowder A Super Cool and Amazingly Talented Fashion Influencer to Follow

Currently, influencer marketing covers virtually every niche imaginable. However, there are very few fields where the top influencers can truly lay claim to influencing and changing the lives of their supporters. Fashion indeed is one of those niches where uber-influencers can truly make a huge impact on changing the entire direction of the fashion world. 

Well, the fashion tastes truly subjective from person-to-person and yes, it is very unlikely that you will like the fashion displayed by various influencers. In this fashion-filled generation, fashion is a highly visual thing admired by everyone here. Social media is the best platform to explore and express the ongoing fashion sense. Well, Instagram is the perfect and notable medium for fashion influencers to display garments and designs. Also, fashion blogs are still being very important offering fashionista a place where they can immerse themselves in the latest trends and status symbols.  

It is actually very tough to come up with a definitive fashion influencer worth following. Caroline Crowder is a mega-hit fashion Influencer, truly creative and worth following. 

Caroline Crowder is also known as ProjectSweetCaroline, is a highly prolific fashion and beauty influencer across a wide range of social media. Caroline Crowder is from Washington DC. The 24-year-old is one of the renowned fashion influencers amidst the list of top Influencers across the industry. She has created her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog 2 years ago and since then focusing completely on fashion and beauty. 

Her fashion sense is truly amazing and she captivates everyone’s eye with her fashionably sensuous pictures and posts. With the creative fashion ideas, she has grown her Instagram page to over 360K followers and is verified by FOHR for her authentic following. 

Caroline made a major impact on YouTube. Her channel, Projectsweetcaroline mainly features videos on the latest fashion, beauty hauls as well as videos on her favorite products. 

Since then Caroline has subsequently expanded her fashion and beauty social media activities to all the other main platforms and has extremely large fan following list. 

Apart from this, Caroline began her blog, previously titled, “Flight2Firenze” during her experience aboard in Florence, Italy. Caroline being always a writer grew up loving English classes during her academics. She then wrote for her campus online magazine throughout college. 

Now being adorable and admired fashion influencer and social media being a large part of her career, Caroline has also worked a 9-5 corporate job. She also spends time pursuing her dance and shows but didn’t forget to spend quality time with family, friends as well as a boyfriend. 

Caroline has had numerous fashion collaborations with brands such as NFL, LYFT, JC Penney, Revolve, Solo, Revlon, and Andronis Luxury Suites. Caroline even had attended the Revolve festival and Rachel Zoe’s “Zoeasis,” at Coachella 2019. She also has attended #DoteDoesDisney as a Dote girl with the brand Dote. Caroline is also engaged in making videos and photos with “Dancing of the Stars” star Kalani Hilliker in New York City. 

This famous lifestyle blogger sports various wig looks on her Instagram page. She even has a highlighted title “HAIR” on her page featuring different wig looks. Caroline proudly says, “I Love wearing wigs because you can change them up based on your outfit. It’s just like another accessory. I love my natural hair but sometimes its bit fun to spice things up with wigs.” Caroline is also an expert in creating photo doodles on her iPad.  

Hey there, are you following Caroline, I mean Projectsweetcaroline on Instagram and YouTube? If not yet, you are really missing out the latest fashion trends, creative ideas and amazing fashion tips out there. 

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