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Center of Excellence, Ghaziabad: Innovation Hope & Faith Foundation of India(IH&FFOI), with the prime objective of serving and benefiting the society, is working passionately towards bringing about the change in the condition of marginalized sections of society. The NGO, being initiated in the year 2022, has shown dedication and perseverance towards their motive of eradicating deep rooted societal issues. Blending innovation with the internal knowledge base, IH&FFOI is carrying out measures to make society function with harmony and ease.


IH&FFOI, in collaboration with Mahaveer Educational & Charitable Trust, celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 with tonnes of vigor keeping the theme as 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. Tree plantation event was organized at the Center of Excellence, Village Bamhea, Lal Kuan in Ghaziabad district. To celebrate nature, the inauguration of this Tree Plantation event was done by Shri Debrata Sarkar(Chairman, IH&FFOI), Smt. Supriya Jain(Chairman, Mahaveer Educational & Charitable Trust), Shri Acharya Mukesh(Yog Guru, Chairman, Adhibharata Foundation) and Shri Rajiv Chakraborty(General Secretary, IH&FFOI). The members present were Pankaj Sharma(Founding Member, AdsGlad), Sahil Arora(Founding Member, AdsGlad), Anandita Grover(Founding Member, AdsGlad), Kishore Roy(Treasurer, IH&FFOI), Mayank Jain(General Secretary, Mahaveer Education & Charitable Trust) and Ajay Monga(Member, IH&FFOI).The event took place with the aim of celebrating nature throughout. All the young attendees had shown enthusiasm towards growing the concern of one and all towards our Mother Earth. They were sensitized about the environmental concerns by the words of respected organizers. The youth were gifted with stationery items such as pencils, pens, sharpener, notebooks, school bags, etc. to spread the awareness about education. They were delighted to be a part of a tree plantation initiative being taken by the IH&FFOI and Mahaveer Educational & Charitable Trust.

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