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Certybox, an opportunity for youth to develop skills with certified courses

Are you looking to upskill your resume and personality alongside to be an undisputed choice for managers to be a…

Certybox, an opportunity for youth to develop skills with certified courses

Are you looking to upskill your resume and personality alongside to be an undisputed choice for managers to be a part of their company? Well, look no more as we have come forth with the perfect solution for your dilemma. Certification Courses alleviate individuals to showcase their competency, commitment and expertise in a professional subject area, which in turn vouches for job advancement. Offering a plethora of online training courses traversing through varied fields, Certybox is altering jobs all over the world by providing exemplary certification training with a 100% success rate.

This Indian EdTech firm that is registered under STARTUP INDIA and the Ministry of MSME of the Indian government, Certybox aims to create and maintain an online education system that provides an interactive online platform with the best skills.

A venture that educates

With an experienced team, Certybox offers Professional Training & Certification courses in Project Management, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Quality Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and many others. With an approach of proven training content, a blended delivery model, and next-generation customer experience they help professionals to get the edge they want in their careers.

Based out of Noida, Certybox is a pioneer in the EdTech business for assisting professionals and students with skill development, upskilling, and reskilling. Through their training delivery methodology, they help individuals flourish in the fast-changing digital economy by solving skill shortages for future technologies and processes, improving performance, and lowering employee churn.

What makes them unique is their innovative blended training strategy which combines the best of self-learning and online instruction to provide a successful learning experience. Enrolling through their courses one can become an expert in the respective field and boost their career. Certybox is also providing general competitive exams materials such as GATE, SSC, Banking, Railways, and many more.

They have extended their services in Mumbai and Vijayawada, as not only do they provide certified courses at Certybox but also offer online consultations with their best counsellors to help you advance your profession. After having enough expertise in the fields one can join the firm as an instructor along with top instructors around the world teaching millions of students at Certybox.

One of its kind

As India is a multilingual country with a majority of the population living in rural regions, the course is not only available in one language. As most of the courses focus on English content they provide students from all over the country with vernacular content. It is the first Indian Edtech to launch courses in various regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannad . The courses consist of Professional training, certification, MBA programs and Competitive Preparation.

The courses are quite reasonable because Certybox is a one-stop-destination for skill development courses catering to professionals and students from all sectors and roles. In addition, working professionals and students will receive free job counselling and internships, respectively.

If you are also an enthusiast who wants to study abroad you can take training from them to prepare for different language tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, GRE etc and fulfil your dreams to study in more than 29 different countries and 799 universities abroad. And with them, you donÂt have to worry about the loan as they provide education loans also.

The brains behind Certybox

To provide students with varied courses opportunity, Mr Raman Kshatriya co-founded Certybox who is an expert career counsellor as his worked with Hindustan Times Media Limited and has vast experience in working with startups in the education sector. He feels that inspiration is necessary for everyone in the world. He is in charge of Certybox’s business ideas and implementation in the context of a larger picture. He is in charge of the firm’s product sales and marketing, as well as B2C and B2B operations.

Along with Raman, Ms Sheenu Kamra also co-founded the firm and contributes to the venture as a highly-skilled professional involved in content creation as per industry needs. She also creates E-learning content, test preparation and Ebooks.

For providing excellent services to the students and professionals, They have been awarded the ÂIndian Emerging Startup Award in 2020. With years of experience, they are building a strong team to help individuals to build a strong profile and get jobs at top-notch companies. Their varied services have opened a platform for people to enrol themselves in their courses and have achieved expertise in different niches.