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Chairman P. Ashish Sharma embarks on journey towards growth & development

In today’s participative world, citizens are not only queueing at voting booths, but are also taking to the streets and using modern communication technology to select, sanction, and pressure the leaders who wield power within the government. In an attempt to strengthen the power of each and every individual and build institutions that are capable of tackling public goods problems, P. Ashish Sharma, the honorable Chairman of Municipal Council, Hathras has proven to be a savior to these hundreds and thousands of residents staying in the area.

Hathras has long been associated with strong traditional Indian origins consisting of some prominent forts, Buddhist and Jain Sculptures, and other archaeological evidence vouching for the city’s historical legacies. But for the past few years, the city has witnessed an unprecedented crisis in terms of development and growth.

To change this scenario and to make the city beautiful beholding rich traditions and culture, P. Ashish Sharma has brought forth some effective development projects to transform the city and make it an attractive place to live. He plans to make adequate water supplies, install effective sewage treatment plants and construct roads leading Hathras towards growth and development.

With his persistent efforts and tireless work, he has already been working on the development project for the past three years that have yielded tremendous results. They have started to work on the broken and ill-made roads, historically rebuilding all the crossroads from Bhagat Singh Chauraha, Shri Krishn Chauraha to Gandhi Park, making sure they stand the test of time this time. Bringing greenery to town and building community centers for the needy is another perspective they have been focusing on. The 200-years-old Ghantaghar that stands in the middle of the town with its historic relevance will also be given a new look which would then be etched in the eyes of the people for another 200 years intact. The authenticity of the town, its 10000 sq ft pond, is also being worked upon and is being converted to a lush green picnic center for people to have a good leisure time at.

From revamping old historical monuments to ensuring the supply of each and every basic necessity, P. Ashish Sharma makes sure that no stone is left unturned and carves a history where Hathras will be known as one of the most developed and clean cities of India.  Adopting a variety of policies to ensure the smooth running of all these projects, P. Ashish Sharma portrays the character of a man who will be remembered for his ultimate development projects and love for the city.

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