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Charan Pammi’s App ‘Recruitment India’ Is Taking Off The Exam Stress

The exponential growth of digital footprints is redefining the old tiresome challenges, including recruitment examinations. Charan Pammi, a digital innovator, has taken a major leap by launching ‘Recruitment India’, a mobile application, to empower the youth with tools on fingertips to take command of scores of entry-level examinations held by the Central and state governments.  

Pammi is a digital marketer by profession, who seeks to find practical solutions to gruelling challenges faced by the youth in the country. Among numerous challenges, the youth has for long been dealing with the issue of too many examinations by different agencies for employment. 

“India has a huge population of students. With technological development, it is becoming a lot more convenient for students to access educational and career advice on online platforms. ‘Recruitmentindia.in’ empowers the students with tools and information on the fingertips to keep them ahead in the competition,” said Pammi.

The digital entrepreneur said that the sole motive of the App is to clear doubts of the students regarding various recruitment examinations held by the central and the state governments. Recruitmentindia.in  has an Alexa global rank of 10,428 and ranks the 678th in India. Its global rank has gone up by 15,727 positions for 3 months.

The tribe of digital experts is also on the rise, with the smartphones leading the digitalization of the country and all walks of life. Charan Pammi leads the pack of digital marketers, with his problem-solving sense and approach. 

“The Youth is facing a lot of issues regarding the criteria of examinations for jobs in the Central and state government departments. There are scores of websites, which provide answers to the queries of the candidates. But it has often been seen that such portals don’t serve the total requirements of the candidates,” added Pammi. 

‘Recruitment India’ is an Android App, with the comfort of the candidates in the form of all the relevant information stored in a scientific manner to save their time and efforts. “It is such a platform where a student can get access to all the queries under one roof. Information is not scattered like other websites. The app was launched in 2016, and since then it has gained over 50,000 subscribers, besides more than 100 premium subscribers. The page has gained more than 31 million views,” said Pammi.

True to his words, every latest information in the context of recruitment examination is available on the App. “Not only the job opportunities but even the latest admit cards and results are available. Every query has a solution on the App. It is bifurcated into three categories to slot information with references to the role, state, and qualification. There are over 15,000 questions with solutions on the App,” said Pammi.

Pammi hails from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. In the past, he had launched two Apps, but without much success. Yet, he did not lose hope, and launched ‘Recruitment India’, giving him the much-deserved success. 

Pammi desires to launch his YouTube channel soon where he will be promoting and sharing educational content for students in Telugu. The 25-year old entrepreneur is full of enthusiasm and passion and is keen to explore more in the coming days. Additionally, Pammi is eager to give opportunities to new investors and look for partners. 

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