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Chinese aggression remains potential cause for escalation on LAC: Army Chief

On Monday, General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff emphasised that China’s incursions along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) remain a possible catalyst for the escalation, and he reiterated the Indian Army’s unwavering determination in handling the PLA Army. “We are well-prepared to handle any unexpected situation with our ample reserves. Our troops are maintaining a high level of readiness and responding to the PLA with firmness, determination, and caution while safeguarding the integrity of our territorial claims,” he said. 


According to his explanation, disagreement and dispute assertions about the territory persist in certain areas because of varying interpretations of the demarcation of the LAC. During the Second Strategic Dialogue on the impact of China’s rise on the global stage, hosted by the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies at Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), the army chief spoke to a gathering of defence intellectual and research experts. 


The chief of the military commented on the Sino-American rivalry, saying that China’s growth is motivated by its desire for a larger and more prominent role in the international arena. China’s goal of replacing the United States as the main provider of global security is evident in its efforts to broker peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as its proposal of a 12-point peace plan to resolve the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 


During his speech, the army chief emphasised the Russia-Ukraine conflict has further contributed to the instability of geopolitical security situations, bringing various aspects to the forefront. He stated that this conflict has reinforced the significance of hard power and the importance of land in determining the outcome of the conflict. He also stressed the need to be prepared for a prolonged struggle. 


The Army chief stated that there are existing engagement mechanisms at political, diplomatic, and military levels, which are being effectively utilised to maintain stability along LAC. The ongoing talks are being carried out through this established mechanism.

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