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Circle Tattoo offers a premium tattoo experience that goes beyond expectations

People frequently cite the idea that the goal of art is to confront the audience by either marking an impact or altering their perceptions. ‘Art’ has a different meaning for everyone and therefore it has various forms as well that have been in society for a very long time. Similarly, the practice of tattooing has been around for a very long time and is quite noteworthy in history. Now with changing times, people started using the art of tattooing as a means of expressing themselves personally. Since tattoos are something that lasts a lifetime, the artist must be capable of handling responsibility, someone who is meticulous and reliable. Keeping the same thought in the mind, entrepreneur Ankit Raturi started Circle Tattoo, to give people a premium tattoo experience.


The whole team at Circle Tattoo works with the sole motive of providing tattoos that goes beyond the expectations of the clients. The tattoos the expert artists at Circle make are fully colour statured with shading if required. When they heal, there are no gaps or shapes in the design that indicate it wasn't made properly. The lines of the tattoos complement the designs as a whole and are consistent throughout the tattoo. Unlike other tattoo studios, Circle Tattoo provides 100% customisable tattoos. They make every tattoo design in a unique manner that matches a person's personality and they can flaunt them proudly, as they stand out from the crowd.


Circle Tattoos offer numerous types of tattoo designs like minimal tattoos, travel tattoos, coverup tattoos, armband tattoos, religious tattoos, geometric tattoos, mandala tattoos, etcetera. With that, they also offer various offers that are absolute steal deals. They give up to 15% off on custom tattoos, 30% off if it is your birthday month and 20% off if a person is getting matching tattoos. The tattoo artists there love to answer questions from the clients and make them feel at ease, whether it's about the machines they use, the ink they use, how long they've been doing it, or what they prefer to do. This is because their ulterior motive is to make clients feel relaxed. It is because of Circle Tattoo's top services that while getting their tattoos done celebrities like Jasmine Sandals, Anirudh Sharma, Mrunal Panchal, Tushar Kalia, etcetera prefer them over others.


While talking about Circle Tattoo, the founder  Ankit Raturi says, “At Circle Tattoo, we work with just one philosophy which is to make every client comfortable and to make every encounter feel like a meeting with an old friend. This was one of my first ventures and I wanted to make sure that I lay the right foundation. Thus, I fully eradicated the corporate structure and all of us work here as a family. I am so grateful that each member of the team treats Circle Tattoos like their own. No matter how many other ventures I open, I will always ensure to carry forward a positive attitude towards my coworkers and the work we do.”


Currently, there are two franchises of Circle Tattoo one is in the financial capital ‘Mumbai’ and the other is in the national capital ‘Delhi’. The Mumbai branch is the first one which is owned by  Ankit Raturi himself and the artists there are Bishal Majumder, Parth Vasani, Maverick Fernz, Sanket Gurav and Prasad Sonawane. The Delhi branch is owned by Vibhor Pratap Singh Chauhan. Piyush Kumar, Abhishek Saxena and Omkar Pawar are the talented artists at that branch. The marketing segment of both the studios of Circle Tattoo is done by Harshad Malkar, Roshni Ravariya, Prathamesh Ghanekar, Sayali More & Hanish Sugandh as well. The studio is managed by Aayushi Mehta, Romit Patel and Azeem Ansari. In the upcoming time, Ankit Raturi is planning on opening franchises in cities like Hyderabad and Pune.   

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