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Coming, 20,000 GST Champions to Help Small Businesses

NEW DELHI: H2 Life Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization focused on public policy and advocacy has committed to train 20,000 persons as GST (Goods and Services Tax) Champions, in line with the government’s aim to provide entrepreneurship skills and promote self-employment. These GST Champions will help small businesses file their GST returns.

H2 Life Foundation has developed a comprehensive course in association with Aspire Institute of Professional Studies (ASPIRE). ASPIRE is a private limited company engaged in education and training since 2009.

Spread across three modules – theory of GST, practical training on GST software of a GSTN recognized GSP, and how to make a career in GST filing, the course aims to hone the skills of students and professionals to become ‘trained GST champions’, who will help meet the GST compliance requirements of small businesses.

As promulgated by the Government, GST is one of the major economic reforms, affecting more than two crore taxpayers in the country. It is expected to create employment requirement for more than five lakh computer operators having knowledge of finance-related subjects along with information technology. This is over and above the existing pool of tax preparers and professional firms already engaged in it. People need to be aware of this new taxation system and H2 Life Foundation is committed to create this awareness and improve employability.  

H2 Life Foundation in association with ASPIRE has launched the course across India through authorised learning centres that meet the infrastructure and manpower requirements. The course content has been created with inputs from experts across the industry.

Mr. Vikas Sharma, President, H2 Life Foundation, during the launch of the course in New Delhi said that, “GST is one of the biggest economic reforms since 1991. It will surely impact the economy in a positive way. That’s one reason why people should be well aware and educated about the Act. Therefore, we are running a pan-India project of appointing our learning centres across the nation so that more and more people get aware of GST and are able to tap the opportunity to get a skill-based livelihood’’.

He also said that, “we have set our own milestone to educate more than 20,000 people about GST, GST filing and related procedures”.

H2 Life Foundation and ASPIRE aim to make learners immediately valuable whether as an entrepreneur or in their daily jobs. GST will not only improve the economy by reforming the tax collection system but will also open up myriad employment opportunities given its scale.

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