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Covid Knights written by Ruster Keaton depicts real-life encounters of a common man

Writing is considered to be a vehicle for the transmission of the idea that the author wishes to convey. That idea or theory or research is the reason for writing the book.

Whether you’re looking for great books to add to your reading list or share with others, it is significant to analyse which book is so far the best to read that should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

To provide with the most engrossing story that will keep the readers captivated till the end, Ruster Keaton has recently published his 6th title named Covid Kights, under First Step Publishing. Based on real-life encounters and stories, the book portrays the world's most dangerous criminals and recounts their encounters. The documentary unfolds these events, meticulously capturing every detail of what he saw at the time.

A well-established author and also a financial market expert, Ruster got inspired with the idea of informing the readers with real-life stories that could help them in channeling their knowledge and getting entertained at the same time. The book does not predict the future; rather, it describes the chronicle of events that occurred at a specific moment in time in the future, in a specific year. Commander Rulik is a modest man who has recently retired and wishes to get wealthy soon. He hires a gang of violent professional killers, including The Cossack Baker, in his innocence. Rulik took a bold approach, but one he thought had a better chance of succeeding than The Bookseller during the Covid 19 days. It's a story about both strength and despair, as well as moral and immoral characters. It's a Russian storey about courage in the face of adversity and brutality.

The book, Covid Knights, provides a unique look into the criminal minds of the Royal Russian Federation in the twenty-first century. With the intensity of a predator thriller, surprising developments explode from the pages at the reader.

Hailing from Bandra West, Mumbai, Ruster has mastered the field of finance, law and internal audit. Adding more to his knowledge, he has also studied quality circles, ventilation engineering and value engineering. Being a financial advisor he has worked in financial projects in over 27 cities in India, also in Armenia, UK, Australia, the USA, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kenya.

Apart from his novel, he has worked with top professional firms such as Ernst & Young and KPMG. In his early thirties, he was Ernst & Young's first director in India in 1997. Having an interest in sports, Ruster is a registered FIDE chess player and In 2015, also took part in the  FIDE World Seniors Championship at Aqui Terme, Italy.

One of the most influential writers and authors, Ruster Keaton is without a doubt an author par excellence. His life is a colourful adventure and his writings are significant feats of language and a combination of skills and creativity.  You can purchase the book globally from Amazon.

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