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David Michigan: Changing the Definitions of Style and Personal Development

Very few people have the personality and the attitude which attracts people and makes them look up and take notice. It is more or less the "style" statement that makes someone an excellent or an average influencer. With more than ten million followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, David Michigan is someone who has achieved the status of a phenomenally influential social media influencer and entrepreneur.

David is an internationally renowned, popular and a much loved actor, entrepreneur, social media influencer, fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker. His Instagram page (with over ten million followers) is filled with positivity and encouragement for everyone who views it. While David Michigan is very much into fitness, he strongly propagates and promotes the ideas of personal development, mental health, wellness and spirituality.

The Michigan Academy deserves special mention if we are to talk about how much David has achieved in life. He has successfully combined his entrepreneurial skills and knowledge with something that he very strongly believes in - personal development and change. David Michigan is the founder and CEO of the Michigan Academy, a web portal and course package which intends to introduce and instill powerfulness and healthy change in people's lives.

In today's date, the Michigan Academy has a user base of more than 170,000 people around the world. The online course package has content and expertly researched important information on the topics of physical fitness, mental health, meditation, recovery and other areas like travel and finance.

In an interview, when David was asked about what drives him to create the kind of motivational and style driven content that regularly puts out, he said, "Now that I have a pretty big platform, I feel like I'm responsible in more ways than one. I believe that inducing positivity and change in the lives of my followers is the best use of my platform.

With most of my posts on Instagram especially, I try to tell people to be self sufficient and emotionally resilient. I also tell them to find or develop an inner fire that will keep encouraging them to move forward, even when there seems to be a dearth of external sources of motivation. I do all of this simply because I want people to grow, and I believe that I'm doing a small part in changing the world in a healthy way."

By enabling people to grow and change, David Michigan continues to inspire and motivate people to become better versions of themselves. And that is nothing short of a victory for someone who is an international social media influencer.

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