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Delhi Sports University organises a Talent scouting camp in Jharkhand

Delhi Sports University organises a Talent scouting camp in Jharkhand

The talent scouting event organized by Delhi Sports University was successfully held on June 14, 2023, at Khelgaon Sports Complex, Ranchi, Jharkhand. It attracted a significant number of young sports enthusiasts from all regions of Jharkhand. The event, which was open to students for classes 6th to 9th, provided a platform for participants to demonstrate their skills in various sports disciplines, including Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling, and Lawn Tennis.


During the event, the students underwent comprehensive assessments in their chosen sports. This included 11 motor quality tests, using a range of devices and technologies such as RFID, as well as specialized exercises unique to each sport. Additionally, advanced psychometric tests were conducted to evaluate the athletes' focus and attention levels.


Arjun Singh Rawat, Section officer of Delhi Sports University, warmly welcomed the young talent to the talent scouting camps and encouraged them to seize the opportunity. He expressed the university's commitment to identifying and nurturing young talent in India, emphasizing the country's immense potential. Working at the grassroots level, he believed, was crucial to developing young athletes. The National talent scouting drive aimed to discover deserving and talented children who could contribute to Delhi Sports University's objective of elevating India's sports scenario. The university aspired to support and empower young talent, enabling them to become the next sports icons of India.


The event was organized with the purpose of identifying young sporting talent and providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills, and get an entry into the Delhi Sports School. The top 200 students have been selected from the final round of talent scouting and will get admission to Delhi Sports School. The program offers admission, education, accommodation, and world-class facilities to help students become the next sports icon of India, all supported by the Delhi Sports School.


For more information on Delhi Sports University and the talent scouting events, visit their website at www.dsu.ac.in.

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