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Design Journal founder Kushala Reddy harnesses the power of Social Media to scale businesses to remarkable brands

Kushala Reddy is the founder of Design Journal, a Social Media Agency that works with small to large businesses to build captivating brands using visual Designs and effective Digital Marketing strategies.

For Kushala, creativity has been an integral part of both her personal and professional life for as long as she can remember. She completed her graduation in architecture and was always fascinated to start her own creative journey as an entrepreneur. Post-graduation she started her first venture – an online store that offers a curated shopping experience for customers. It was during this time of promoting her venture, she recognised the potential of powerful designs and marketing tools. She later started utilising her creative skills and experience to create brand development strategies for start-ups and others.

Design Journal, approaches business in a holistic way to provide a 360-degree visual branding and social media marketing solutions. They give end to end marketing and branding services like – 

  • Brand Foundation and Messaging
  • Creating aligned Visual Assets
  • Strategy Development
  • Social Media Marketing (Organic and Paid)

“Design Journal’s rapid growth is something I am extremely proud of, it is great pride when we help entrepreneurs and business succeed by realigning their priorities and processes. Our unconventional, transparent and balanced approach ensures we always use the right tools to solve every business problem.”

When asked, How do you manage yourself and keep going despite the prevailing challenges? She said -“My passion for building outstanding brands and drive to give my clients an unforgettable branding journey for their business is what keeps me going. Each business comes with many moving parts and that’s what gives us unlimited possibilities to build a successful brand. With challenges coming up every day, I feel blessed to have an efficient and supportive team that takes Design Journal a long way.”

For Design Journal, Covid-19 in some way was a turning point. Since a lot of businesses could not sell offline anymore, more and more businesses started switching ONLINE. Design Journal rose to the occasion and worked hard for delivering a transformative experience to clients by using the power of social media and visual branding.

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