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Dhruhi Sheth inspires NGOs for building Tribal Mart Initiative

Dhruhi Sheth, 15 years young youth of India, inspiring NGOs of the Nation through the creative initiative of Tribal Mart for building sustainable cities and communities with United First.

15 years old Dhruhi, studying in Delhi Public School Bopal, has supported in the building of one tribal mart out of 100 tribal Mart projects across various states, an initiative taken by the Live to Inspire NGO. She was inspired by the initiative as she believes in helping everyone around her to make their lives better, act of kindness in any form brings her utter happiness and encourages her to work harder for others and be useful as well. She says,”
I want to be capable of bringing some big changes in the world that can bring a positive impact and I am not yet satisfied by my part in helping others. I am very passionate about helping others and want to inspire others to do the same and will continue to do so “.

United first aims at providing a platform for the tribal communities to comfort their issues of travelling for purchasing basic needs of livelihood at their doorstep by building a tribal mart. The products of the Mart will be provided non financially by the local Organization or NGO associated with us with constructing small mart facilities too initially. We will identify the concerned authority who can repeat the cycle of the Mart by selling the product with the minimal cost confirmed by local authorities and repeat the cycle so that it becomes a permanent asset for the tribal and also local employment can be increased through this mart.

The main advantage of a tribal mart will be that the travelling problems for purchasing basic necessities and needs will be solved. The tribal mart project will be the first initiative towards Atmanirbhar (self-dependent) Tribal. Employment can be increased and facilities of local needs will be completed. This initiative is an idealistic example of Goal 11: building sustainable cities and communities. Most importantly, it is a cost-effective and financially feasible model. Through this initiative, the development of rural towns will be initiated.

In the activity of Tribal Mart, Many world peace ambassadors, ministers and social activists are joining and supporting the cause. This is the first initiative of one of its kind in India. Founder of United First, Sajan Shah who is the youngest motivational speaker of India says, Young people like Dhruhi are the key example of youth with moral and social responsibilities. Moreover, the entire drive was supported by Sanjay Ghodawat Foundation and founder of ALPS Edu Service private limited Mansi Shah.

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