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Dietician Dharshini : Five Common Mistakes done when trying to lose weight

Obesity and overweight is a very common problem in our nation, especially in adults and children recently due to the recent pandemic. Additional weight comes not only from the over intake of processed food and unhealthy beverages but also due to sedentary lifestyle. The good part about it is, it's reversible. People need to take more effort and time to invest in their body and so to prevent health issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pcos and infertility in women. Globally more than 2 million people are obese and every year the rates keep drastically increasing even with so much awareness.

Its not that people who are obese dont tryto lose weight, but when people try to lose their extra fat from the body, they make some mistakes which affects their internal health and functioning capacity of the organs.

  1. Following a diet from the internet : In this developing technology, everything is available in just a click but unfortunately a diet from the internet might not suit you as it's not personalised and not authenticated. Following a diet from the internet can be harmful as it is not designed based on your symptoms, medical history, age, gender and body type. So it is always better to discuss your health issues with your dietitian and seek their help to guide you on weight loss journey for effective results.
  2. Skipping breakfast to lose weight: Many might think skipping breakfast can help in losing your weight as it cuts down your major calories from the day. If you think so, you are making the biggest mistake, as breakfast is very essential for your body to provide you nourishment which has been on rest for long hours. People who have been skipping breakfast end up having problems with concentration and overeating. Fat storage actually increases when you skip the first meal of the day and hence you end up gaining weight and not losing the weight.
  3. Not concentrating on workout : Weight loss is merely creating the deficit in calories and adding nourishment to the body. Few might even try strict dieting but don't move their body at all as they tend to eat less on calories. Weight loss in this pattern is very unhealthy as you tend to lose the bone and muscle from the body which is regainable. Workout is not only to lose weight but also to make you feel better, light and improve the blood circulation. Workout has to be done at least for more than 30 mins to see effective results and it can be anything which makes you feel comfortable, but you must be able to do it for a long period of time.
  4. Lacking in consistency: As discussed in the last point, doing for a long term is really important to see the results. Consistency is the key as it helps you to achieve the goals much easier. More often people tend to start a diet randomly but continue it only for a week or ten days only because they lack consistency, that's why they don't see the result

They wanted. Consistency is something you do for a sustainable period of time without any break or gap which helps the body to learn the process and provide the reward.

  •   Looking for Instant Results : The technology has improved a lot and made a lot of people lazy I would say, as people have started expecting everything quick. Tips and tricks don't work in a better way when it comes to health. People need to understand that if they want to see their body in a healthy way they need to give that time and not depend on anything that says works like magic, instant result in ten days, lose your fat in a week. Nothing lasts long which comes easy, so thinking that it's enough to lose the weight for now in a week can harm your body and you can end up adding extra kilos after a month. Stop believing that there is an instant solution for any health issue.

The above are the common five mistakes made by people when trying to lose weight. To put simple you need to give enough time and put in the right way to lose extra weight you gained over a period of a year to feel energetic, toned and with no health hazards. Also seeking help from a professional helps a lot as you get to know more information about food and your body.

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