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Dilbag and Lovepreet’s Success Story as YouTubers and Digital Marketers

The world is shifting towards the digital world. It has become important to understand the usage of the Internet to survive in the modern world. Mostly, people judge you by the kind of presence you have on the Internet. Hence, it is necessary to have a positive image. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are a force to be reckoned with as they are experts in helping people boost their reputations by promoting them on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The duo promotes corporations and people through digital marketing. They work on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. All of the platforms they work on altogether make a total audience of over 15 million. Their audience base consists of Canada and Punjab.  Furthermore, their expertise in these platforms allows them to earn a good living.

The couple is enthusiastic and committed to their work. Their love for their profession allows them to work for hours and not be exhausted as they are morally charged. They are united by the fact that they do not need to conduct useless discussions to maintain their closeness. A distinguishing factor of this couple is that they can work all day and still be in harmony with one other. They give their hundred percent in every project. Consumers love their YouTube content and want to work with them.

Dilbag states that Digital Marketing is not a decision made on the spur of the moment. This is a subject that has always piqued his curiosity. He was more interested in the Digital field than his education while in college. He began working on Social Media as a side hustle but as his business grew, he no longer had time for his studies. Furthermore, with his business doing well, Dilbag had to make a difficult choice between his studies and his business. Many people warned him to concentrate on his studies, but Dilbag chose the difficult option to stop studying and pursue Digital Marketing as a full-time career.

While the rest of the world was hyperventilating and fretting because of the pandemic in 2020, Dilbag persevered and succeeded. Dilbag and Lovepreet met on social media. When she joined Dilbag, she was pursuing her M.C.A. She claims to enjoy computers and is pleased with how things worked out. She says that she loves what she does. She likes how she is earning through what she loves to do. She is grateful that she does not have to sit through interviews or work where she does not like. She began assisting him with his work and quickly established herself as a valuable resource.

The duo is an inspiration to follow passion without any regrets. They have established themselves as successful YouTubers and Digital Marketers. They have helped many businesses to grow from zero. They work together for their dreams and motivate others to do the same. Their love for their profession is what has helped them achieve success and prompts them to keep going.

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