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Director of Costaforex Technologies ‘Sahil Ali Hussain’ is an new-age entrepreneur who believes in Innovation

Looking at the dawn of virtual reality, holograms, and augmented realities, entrepreneurs are chasing the idea of a technology-driven business that could benefit all. With technocrats ruling over the finance and technology industry, more and more sources are prevailing in the market. While many are still grasping the concept of the new era of technology, Sahil Ali Hussain is a Sahil Ali is - a young entrepreneur and the director of Costaforex technologies PVT ltd, automated trading software, which is dominating the sector with utmost innovation. Sahil Ali's Costafx is a forum for financial markets or currency pairs traders assisted by an automated robot configuration and specialists that manage trading accounts. The forum has raised his value to a net worth of more than INR 33 crores.


By proving that age is just a number, Sahil Ali Hussain introduces new financial markets or currency pairs with his iconic ideas and innovation. Sahil's journey started in his teenage years as he hailed from a small town named Nanded. Neither his age nor his teenage aspect made him reluctant to enter the industry. Now he has set the perfect benchmark for chasing dreams without fearing the age factor and doubting one’s abilities. His curiosity and determination made him perceive what was best for him – engraving his name in the industry. From the beginning, Sahil focused on the meticulous ways of strategizing plans that would lead him to success. After figuring out the highs and lows of doing business, Sahil decided to try out his various knacks for technology and simplify trading.


Using social media and Finance websites to channel his wisdom and stay up-to-date with industry trends, Sahil made the right connections inside and outside the realm. Apart from being studious and optimistic, he started discovering new technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology. The knowledge of trading and finance made him set foot in the new advent of a futuristic world. He then acknowledged that it was of greater importance. His first step was to combine financial markets with AI, and his currency pair robots made no error while converting GBP and USD, the major currencies that are operated across the globe.


The robots made a trajectory in the financial markets or currency pairs industry by eliminating human issues like greed and anger. Following that, Sahil Ali Hussain said, “I believe that the key attributes to be a thriving person are persistence, honesty, patience, risk bearing, and inquisitive mind. It is more important to solve community problems rather than just individual problems. The concentration on training and guiding the forthcoming trainees in the industry is also of utmost significance. It is essential to micro-manage the issues by looking at the bigger picture. I adhere by saying there is no age for success; it is just a numeric.” Sahil believes in working hard and never giving up on one’s dreams. By never getting disheartened and always remaining composed, he has made the best of his career and takes pride in it.


Being an entrepreneur is never easy. Entrepreneurship is seen as a highly creative sector because it is thought to count and produce value. The domain continuously creates new things, much like how revitalised inventions never stop happening. Entrepreneur Sahil Ali Hussain has always been interested in improving the industrial ecology and releasing people from unpleasant commotion so they can pursue their passions without interference. He has built imagery of triumphant entrepreneurship and has a promising future.  He has conquered everything with a magnificent approach to new technologies and solutions.

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