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Discover Yourself With Atiksha Rathi

People are aware of their name, the place they live, and other such details about themselves. But most of them…

Discover Yourself With Atiksha Rathi

Atiksha Rathi

People are aware of their name, the place they live, and other such details about themselves. But most of them haven’t discovered themselves around what they are, and what they want to do in their life.

Although there’s a lot of things that can help them discover themselves, one of the most prominent things to do so is by following Atiksha Rathi’s content.


Atiksha Rathi is a fashion, travel, beauty, and lifestyle blogger and she specifically posts content around these things on Youtube and her other social media platforms. A number of people have learned a lot from her content, because the tone of her content is informational and worth-watching.

What does the personal life of Atiksha Rathi look like?

Atiksha had a plenty of corporate world experience that helped her learn more about her target audience and what type of issues they are facing under the niches like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Atiksha completed her schooling at Sofia Girls School. Later, Atiksha completed her graduation in B.Sc. Mathematics from C.C.S. University, Meerut. And she opted for an MBA, which she has from IFBS, Delhi.


Atiksha Rathi has about 5 years of corporate experience.And within this time she has worked in various industries, such as the banking and education technology industries. Initially, she worked at HDFC Bank for 1 year and at ICICI Bank for 2.5 years. After that, Atiksha Rathi joined Unacademy in 2021, worked for 1.5 years, and simultaneously started her content-creating journey in 2021 along with her job.


Atiksha got married to Tarun Malhotra who is a finance content creator in 2019, that also helped her learn a lot about the content creation industry. After putting in a lot of effort, Atiksha was able to start her career as a full-time content creator in December 2022.


Goals of her Professional Journey


When we talk about the professional goals of Atiksha Rathi, she is currently looking forward to keep working on her content from every aspect and achieve excellence in her genre,

With the help of which her target audience can discover themselves and live their life effortlessly.