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Divyanshu Mishra, Anshu and colleagues stopped the passenger train at katni-RPF police files case against rising inflation

Several activists, along with Nsui National Coordinator Divyanshu Mishra, stopped the passenger train at Katni at the station for about 25 minutes to protest against the ever-increasing prices of petrol diesel. According to the information, during the Bharat Bandh of the Congress, all the activists including Divyanshu entered the station and started shouting slogans. Heavy police force reached the spot, and tried to drive them away by lathi-charge, the workers started demonstrating a lot of pain.

After the police chased them away, the police registered a case against Divyanshu and others under the Railway Act of RPF police. Divyanshu Mishra Anshu said that the Modi government is the anti-people government, the petrol price is increasing constantly, the public is worried. Only a few industrialists are benefiting in the country, their earnings are increasing rapidly, unemployment in the country is increasing rapidly. Our voice cannot be suppressed no matter how much the police use it.

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