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DJ Annsh mesmerises the audiences with his grooving remixes and multi-city gigs

Becoming a DJ requires building the essential skills of Disc Jockeying and producing music. It is always inspiring to hear from someone with a passion and hobby for music, which are rare to find. One such famous Bollywood DJ & EDM artist is DJ Annsh, who was brought up in Indore and has recently completed a multi-city music tour. His tunes are groovy and crunchy that is liked in different parts of the country. He is well-known in all the cafes for his futuristic musical skill. 


The renowned DJ Annsh has performed a powerpack set at the venue and ignited a new trend among the party animals. He mastered disc-jockeying in Indore and quickly started to gain fame. He even hosted shows featuring self-created remixes and albums containing EDM music every weekend night. DJ Annsh also has a passion for music that comes with a desire to entertain people. He has performed in various venues across Indore, including Bollywood, Punjabi, Hip Hop, and commercial House music. His colleagues know and define him as one of the brightest DJs of this era, with remarkable energy toward his work. He has continued growing and experimenting with his tunes and creations to make something new for the DJ fanatics. 


DJ Annsh has recently completed a multi-city tour in five clubs over ten days. The clubs were Zouk Club in Raipur, Sheesha Lounge in Bhopal, Bottle Sportsbar in Bhubaneswar, Four More Shots in Indore, Drinx exchange in Indore and also hosted a private event in Bangalore. He is an energetic musician who channels his talent by playing for his fans. The well-known DJ attained a distinguished position and brought out his best. His music taste is unparalleled, and is becoming a promising face in this cutthroat competitive music industry. What’s the best attribute in him is his continuous knowledge and improvement in DJing. He has a high calibre and constant friction for DJ and music. 


“DJing is something I was born with. Making soulful music and entertaining people is what I love to do. I believe that my talent and dedication will soon dominate music and party events. With my tunes and remixes, I constantly work hard to bring something new for my fans,” the upcoming DJ artist said. Being famous and following one’s passion definitely holds uncanny importance in today’s world. DJ Annsh has successfully released his EDM music album ‘Invaders.’ His self-created remixes and reprises were exclusively featured on Radio Mirchi's 98.3 show (Club Mirchi). He is a well-known artist who has attained a distinguished position with his brilliant performance and diligent acoustics. 


With a sensational ability to hypnotize people with his tunes, DJ Annsh believes in having a musical life. His envisions becoming one of our generation's most influential music artists with a vibrant go-getter who is an inspiration for the upcoming generations of DJs. 


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