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Dr. Mohana Vamsy- The saviour with a Surgery Mask

Dr. Mohana Vamsy, Managing director and also the Man Behind Omega Cancer hospitals a chief surgical oncologist, he is brining his knowledge and creating awareness in amongst common people regarding cancer and its treatment with the growing power of social media. 

Having done over 1 lakh surgeries in span of last 25 years he has become a star oncologist pan India and also known as ‘cancer fighting hero with a surgery mask on’.  Despite his busy calendar by performing 8-10 Daily surgeries, he still manages time to make people aware about cancer with the use of modern day campaigning via social media. 

According to Dr. Mohana Vamsy -‘Early Detection is the only way to achieve cancer-free India’. Thus he chose a modern way of campaigning against cancer. Going social viral about his awareness campaign over social media which is available in both English and regional language Telugu, he soon became the household name of every Telugu family . 

Dr. Mohana Vamsy is one name who introduced CYBER KNIFE technology to South India which led to the precise removal of cancer cells, unlike radiation which needs weeks of rest after surgery. Through cyberknife technology, no neighboring cells were damaged through radiations which resulting in no need of recovery time. Even if a patient visits Omega hospital, Hyderabad in the morning to get operated by cyberknife, he’s ready to leave by evening after the surgery resulting in saving of loads of time and stress. 

Dr. Mohana Vamsy is super active over his social media and helping more and more people with his precise knowledge and experience. He has even conducted more than 200 Continuing Medical Education Programs for doctors across the country. Thus Dr. Mohana Vamsy become a boon for cancer patients and his social media accounts and website is a must check on.

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