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Dr. Sitanshu Singh, an ambitious, striving, and leading entrepreneur

India is known for the conflation of nationalities and cultures and becoming an innovative nation gradually. In India, Entrepreneurship has been growing significantly in the past decade due to a strong supporting ecosystem. Rather than founding technology firms, many Indian Entrepreneurs came from hardworking and humble beginnings. India has witnessed the rise of a large number of successful startups in recent years that are ready to challenge established companies across the world and one such startup is ThinkFiniti Education, run by a passionate, self-made entrepreneur Dr. Sitanshu Singh. Sitanshu is a Doctor, Singer, Life Coach, Memory Trainer, and a Public Speaker. He has counseled around 2.5 lakh clients at ThinkFiniti Education from all over India comprising students, parents, and teachers. Dr. Sitanshu has been the youngest Memory Trainer in India and is the only doctor as well who teaches memory training.

"Success comes to those who believe in themselves and dare to make things possible which seem impossible". Dr. Sitanshu, a Lucknow boy who believes in hard work, determination, and constantly moving. He admits, "It's been six years of me doing this work but haven't found any magic shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and fulfillment because there is none. I know that's hard. It's a lot of work but just look at the bright side. You get to do what you want and you get to do it your way. There is just one catch. You've got to start somewhere. Work on your skills, enjoy the journey, be patient and keep moving."

He further added, "The world is full of countless opportunities & infinite possibilities, but your life and career are finite. You have limited time to find what you are searching for and make your mark on the world. This is your time. Don't waste it as once it is gone, it will never come. Find something you like to do. That's how real entrepreneurs always start and that's the motto of ThinkFiniti Education to make you realize your real interest".

Dr. Sitanshu was driven by a desire to be productive. Due to his passion for music, he came in contact with various people to get a good chance to perform live. Singing his heart out under the Alias, Aditya Chauhan, a name he has now transformed into a brand image. From there he didn't step back and kept moving towards the direction of his dreams.

When Sitanshu was asked about his life being an entrepreneur he replied, "Life of an entrepreneur is tough and we are often hit by a barricade. During my initial days of struggle, I was facing difficulties to find investment and raise funds to take my business further. Then the most difficult time I have ever faced was pandemic and lockdown. But it didn't break my courage, rather it increased my willpower and stamina and made me tolerant to face every hurdle. It has been a roller coaster ride but when you love doing something, you aren't afraid of difficulties."

While in college, Sitanshu started ventures like Posh Brandz and Hungry Homies just to taste the menu of his life because he believes in being productive. Although these ventures proved to be unsuccessful for him, he learned many valuable lessons from these failures. After a few years of hard work and struggle, after getting admission in college and before the commencement of college, he grabbed a place at a counseling company. He was too young to have it yet procured because of his keen desire to do something. Sitanshu was in love with his work, enjoying the process, learned to engage and counsel the students, sharpening his counseling skills over time and adding value to students. With enough confidence and experience, finally he started his venture ThinkFiniti Education and found his true purpose. Sitanshu's effervescent persona and court compel to provide value have captivated students towards his Counseling and Mentoring firm ThinkFiniti Education.

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