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Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul Takes You on a Journey of 40 is the new 20 with Malaika Arora

Age is just a number. Defying all norms, we have Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul who himself is an icon himself. As a new age dermatologist and cosmetologist, fitness and wellness expert and seasoned entrepreneur; Dr. Paul has lead by example. He himself has a fitness of a teenager and good looks to die for. So needless to mention, his array of ardent followers are all aging backward and proving that 40 is the new 20. 
Malaika Arora is one such name in Bollywood which only makes us come up with one expression “WOW”. From Malaika Arora’s perfect figure to her sharp well-sculpted facial contours, to her diet; in a word she is simply stunning it post 40. Dr. Paul shares how the wellness and natural way of lifestyle medicine have made Maliaka Arora ooze the hotness we see. External beauty is a manifestation of inner wellbeing. The name of the game is to remain stress-free and balance the hormones, only then it will show on the face. Malaika has oily skin but still, it remains to break out free and flawless. Here diet has a big role to play. Malaika has a lot of superfoods in her diet starting from broccoli salad, to avocado toast, to zucchini noodles, spirulina smoothies and so on. All the food that she intakes attributes majorly towards getting her acne-free, wrinkle-free flawless skin. In a word, she is a superfood junkie. 
The varied form of exercise Malaika incorporates in her daily regime helps her to sweat it out and detoxify herself. It is a good mix of yoga to pilates, functional training and cardio. Dr. Paul further says, the natural glow that you see on Malaika’s skin is a sign of water therapy, keeping the skin both internally and externally hydrated, use of water-based customized sunscreens, use of minimum make-up, tailor-made organic serums containing vitamin c and vitamin e and wheat germ extract. 
Malaika Arora’s entire lifestyle is dependent on the wellness way which is a specialty of Dr. Paul. “Malaika’s health, fitness and beauty journey involves a lot of hard work and discipline and focus, but when the result is Malaika Arora at the end of it all, I’m sure you all will agree that the effort is worthwhile,” says Dr. Paul.

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