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Dubai’s entrepreneur Shabad Sharif to take a producer’s seat with his new production ventures

We have recently seen the transition made by people in the entertainment industry. It has become an ultimate hub for entrepreneurs. With the rising demand for music and high-end content shows and films, businessmen are keen on investing a great amount of money in the industry. The latest name to join the bandwagon is Dubai-based Shabad Sharif.

Mr. Sharif is an entrepreneur and an investor whose businesses have just expanded over the last few years. The genius entrepreneur has learnt business lessons from his grandfather who has been a prominent name in Dubai’s business sector. His grandfather is one among the few founders of the well-known Al Madina Group. Being a member of the directorial board of this coveted group, Shabad Sharif runs an array of businesses in Dubai.

The entrepreneur’s newly found businesses in the entertainment industry include Omarlulu Entertainment and Third Eye Music. These production houses are said to be the emerging names in the UAE that aims to bring out the finest talents from the film and music industry. “There are a lot of potential and talented artists who are lacking exposure in the UAE. Through these ventures, my team intends to give the talents an opportunity to showcase their mettle to the world”, quoted Mr. Sharif.

It is believed that Shabad Sharif’s team is already working in full swing for a few projects that include songs and short films. When asked about the details, the entrepreneur said, “It is too early to comment about it. We have just initiated the projects. We are going through a few projects before coming to a final conclusion.” Apart from his foray into the entertainment industry, the entrepreneur earlier launched a company named Dotok Communications, a telecommunications company located in Dubai.

Mr. Shabad’s other successful venture is PickFresh, a chain of retail supermarkets located in Dubai. With the revenues generated from these businesses, Shabad Sharif is rightly investing in the production ventures. It would be interesting to see what new he has to offer. His primary mission is to boost the fresh faces and talents from the country and take their talent on a global level. We wish the bundle of talent the best wishes, and may he succeed as one of the finest producers in the industry.

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