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ECI Launches Nation Wide Month Long Special Drive To Enrol Left Out Electors

NEW DELHI : The Election Commission of India (ECI) has launched Nation wide a month long Special Drive for maximization of registration of eligible electors with focus on left out eligible young citizens in age group of 18-19 and removal of names of registered dead electors, if any, from electoral rolls. 

During the Special enrolment Drive, which will be completed by 31st July 2017, special attention would be given on following two activities by election officials in all States –

i.     Receiving Form 6 for enrolment of new electors,

ii.    Removal of names of registered dead electors, if found any.

For Submission of Form 6, following modes will be available:-

Submission of Form 6 at EROs Office (Electoral Registration Officer)

Sending of Form 6 by Post

Online Submission of Form 6 at National Voters’ Service Portal (www.nvsp.in)

In addition to the above, BLO shall visit door to door of the households to collect Form 6 from the applicants, particularly 18-19 age group (extendable to 21 years of age) from 1st July 2017 and 31st July 2017 (except the Special Campaign Dates).

Common Service Centres (CSCs) will provide services of making online filling and hard copy Form digitization on payment basis.

Special Campaigns will be organized on two dates in the month of July 2017, which will be duly publicised through media by the Chief Electoral Officer of the State. On these dates, Camps will be held in each polling station where Booth Level Officer will sit with adequate number of Forms 6, to receive Forms from the applicants. On the day of camp, entire final electoral roll, 2017 along with its supplements, if any, shall be pasted on the wall of the polling stations. The roll shall also be read out publicly by the BLO on that date. The left out eligible citizens may fill Forms 6 and give the same to the BLO at the polling station itself, or submit through any other available means during the Special Drive. Special camps will also by conducted in all Government and Private Educational Institutions (Colleges and Schools)/ Vocational Training Institutes on at least any two different days between 1st July, 2017 and 31st July, 2017. While the focus is on new re-enrolment through Form 6, receipt of other forms viz. Form 6A, 7, 8 and 8A may continue as usual. 

During the Special Drive, removal of names of dead electors will also be taken up. To identify Electoral Roll entry of registered dead electors, if any, data on registered deaths shall be collected by the District Election Officer (DEO) from the Registrar of Births and Deaths in his jurisdiction and such registered death entries identified, shall be removed after following the procedure. 

BLOs will make door to door visits to complete field verification. Disposal of Forms 6 and Forms 7 (death cases), received during Special Drive will be done within prescribed time of one month. However, Forms 7 (other than death cases), Form 8 and 8A received during the period will be done on conclusion of Special Drive.

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