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educaptain creates a record with its student in CUET-2022’s toppers list with just 3 years in the realm

With 15 Lakhs appearing for CUET’2022, one of the students from the educational institution “educaptain” ranked one among the toppers in the nation's most difficult exam, defeating companies worth a billion dollars in the industry. Due to its intrinsic approach, the renowned Coaching Institute educaptain, which is solely committed to student preparation through quality instruction and an enhanced learning environment, has created yet another milestone with its student Ayushmaan Bhatra, who achieved a hundred percentile in five subjects and made it to the CUET-2022 toppers list, which was announced late on September 26, 2022. The organization has expanded to new heights in just three years, which has led to its YouTube channel reaching the milestone of 2 lakh subscribers and having a sizable Telegram network. educaptain helps students quickly pass difficult competitive exams by merging cutting-edge technology with comprehensive teaching approaches.


Being driven by the goal to provide highly unique components in its courses it offers features such as one-on-one coaching from top performers, video solutions for practice tests, handwritten books, WhatsApp support, etc. The combination of all these elements, provided by the platform with the greatest reach, has produced amazing and stunning results. Young aspirants are assisted throughout the whole process by their group of highly competent teachers, who also get them ready for the beginning of their perfect jobs. Beyond the CUET milestone, the Institute has continuously delivered excellent scores in various undergraduate entrance exams, like AIR 3 in DU JAT, AIR 13 in IPMAT Indore, AIR 4 in IPU, AIR 4 in BVP, and over 300 students scoring 95+ Percentile in CUET.


Prince Gupta, who invented "educaptain" and is a visionary mentor who has taught thousands of students to date, is the first of the founding members of this educational institution. He struggled in school a lot as a result of having a partial visual impairment from childhood. After reflecting on his experience, he solemnly swore to provide every kid in the educational system an equal chance. Prince, a dropout from famous Indian institutions like SRCC and IIM Calcutta, thinks that each person is unique and capable of learning, and that pupils' "Conceptual Knowledge" may be utilized to determine their level of comprehension.


When asked about his perspective and the USP of his institute, educaptain's Founder Prince Gupta, stated, “Our lives revolve around education, which opens the route for each of us to realize our full potential.” When Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz claimed, "Make me the master of education, and I will attempt to alter the world" he indeed had a point. We acquire the skills, techniques, information, and knowledge necessary to recognize, comprehend, and appreciate the responsibilities we have to our communities, families, and country through education. Because of this, the value of education in life is enormous and multifaceted. Everyone benefits from education since it gives them a positive view of the world and our society. This is why education is so important in life. We can acquire and explore new concepts with the aid of education.”


With the goal of becoming a one-stop shop and a platform that is synonymous with the study of commerce in India, it offers guidance on a variety of topics, including career research and preparation with the best academics in the country. The primary focus of educaptain's education style is on the knowledge and skill development of students, which mixes traditional classroom learning with exposure to problem-solving strategies. The institute's founders want to produce students who are well-rounded and have the potential to succeed in a cutthroat society. The mission of educaptain is to assist commerce students in obtaining a top-notch, affordable, and reputable education. 


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