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Efficient Utilization Of Space Can Bring Best Out Of Property, says Meenu Agarwal

With almost two decades of experience as an interior designer, Meenu Agarwal of MADS Creations delves into the oft-ignored importance of resourceful space-utilization when it comes to our residence: “We all covet a luxurious home that comes with a sense of privilege and comfort. Well-planned spaces that flow freely amplify this sense of luxury”.

 When it comes to home décor, people underestimate the effect of the smartly designed space utilization on their property. Mismanagement of space leads to wastage of resources and constrains one’s abode from reaching its full potential.

For people looking to enhance their homes or offices with a remodeling of their space, Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations, offers her insight and advice as a veteran professional: “Disregard for functionality is not a sustainable thought. It might give you happiness for a time or two but gradually – ill-functioning space is a pain to the body and eventually to the mind.”

She asserts the significance of custom furniture as the backbone of personalized solutions to space problems: “We want best and exclusive when it comes to property and the same thing should go for furniture as well. Luxury furniture is all about comfort and elegance which is exclusive and as per your taste”. In this manner, custom furniture allows you to tailor your rooms as per your desires and needs, effusing an exclusive touch of your personality.

While it is not possible to expand one’s property in any direction no matter how much one wishes, Meenu Agarwal suggests making use of the outside and employing it within interior design. She advises to let the sunshine in through good-sized windows which increases your space without alterations to your property.

In her words, “natural light is always better than artificial light. It is like bringing a little bit of nature into your room and when you are in touch with nature you feel relaxed, as your serotonin levels rise.”

The conversation of space utilization cannot overlook the subject of bedrooms – the den of our comfort and relaxation. It is here that all our desires for coziness, luxury, and leisure combine within 4 walls. To make the best use of that area serves as the prime objective for Meenu Agarwal in her role as Principal Designer of MADS Creations.

Her recommendation regarding bedrooms is to deal with the issue of space constraint: “Pay attention to the bed and other furniture. Create a calming space with pastel shades in diverse textures. Add bedside lamps or wall sconces, chandeliers, and paintings to bring in color and vibrancy.”

Another important lesson from her is to “keep the furniture minimum and the furnishings maximum”.  The corner designs serve as the least disruptive places which project a feeling of luxury and warmth.

She endorses people to “choose simple, comfortable, stylish, modern furniture. Choose your personal favorite as it breeds more comfort. Do not clutter it with more furniture, as it might hinder your movement, and ensure that the furnishings are modern in style so as to match your luxurious interiors.”

After spending almost two decades in home décor, Meenu Agarwal manages her interior design firm in Gurgaon MADS Creations. She captures the quintessence of her philosophy in bringing out the best for your property in one sentence: “Enhance your space with high-end features, exclusive design elements, and resourceful style to make it special, exclusive, and luxurious in your eyes.”

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