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Emre Can Ayaydin is all set to launch ASHLEY in India, Will Rope Mohit Kathuria as brand face

It is rightly said a person who is never afraid of failure wins every battle of life. Failures are stepping stone for more concrete and stable business life. The best example is EMRE CAN AYAYDIN.

Emre Can Ayaydin is very flexible, and that is the reason for his success until now. He is a different kind of entrepreneur; he knows how to pass every hurdle of business. According to him, only you can lift and help yourself in life; no one will come and help you in a tough situation.

Emre is planning to expand his business in Asian countries. He feels India is the place where he will get a considerable market to showcase his new design jewelry and other accessories. So he is planning to launch his ASHLEY brand in India in a short time. To start any company we all know, you need a good marketing strategy. Time has changed, and we have come a long way from print media; now people are looking at everything in mobile and computers. So he needs faces which can give a good start in India so that people can identify themselves with the brand.

Rumors say Emre is in touch with one of the most renowned personalities of India, Mohit Kathuria. His name comes from the fittest and he is considered the most handsome man of India. He runs the magazine called Fit look, and he is one of the topmost fitness consultants of India. He has transformed many lives with his fitness program.

Emre wants the face like Mohit for his company, ASHLEY in India. He feels it would be great if he and Mohit collaborate for his dream project in India. It can benefit both of them. Mohit will get the chance to work for an international company and Emre will get a perfect face for his brand, which can give an ideal start to his company in India.

Time will say whether both personalities are collaborating or not in the near future. But if they work, then it will surely benefit both Emre Can Ayaydin as well as Mohit Kathuria.

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