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Entrepreneur Hassan Saleh AlAli enjoys racing, customizing cars, and traveling world

Today on the show, we'll talk about Hassan Saleh AlAli. He's 28 years old and now lives in Dubai. He has always wanted to own a GTR since he was five because it is also beloved by his favorite actor Denzel Washington.

He is an engineer who has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the Petroleum Institute.

He is going to talk about a scenario that everyone may face, or will face in the near future. he had to say a few words on what he believes is the most essential thing someone should do at this time, whether he's seeking work, starting his own business, or anything else.

However, he was a little discouraged owing to the lack of fresh employment leads. My mentor, CEO, and founder of Kloudout Yohanes Zedwdu Mr.Hajjaj, who turned his sadness into motivation and adversity into opportunity, assisted him in regaining confidence and beginning looking for work on my own. He also has offered him employment as an operation manager, which he had self-appointed himself.

Because of his love for cars, he found various designs, concepts, and manufacturers on the internet of GTRs which were modified by different tuners. However one stood out which was named after my favorite actor Denzel Washington.

It all began when his dad brought home a toy car for him, something like this :  

from here on he started showing interest in these things which led to bigger and better toys each time!! The first real car he owned was the Toyota GT86 and then came this beast !! The Nissan GTR (R35) Now that's what started him into body kits!

This is when Rawr Kit jumped into his life! They were very professional about how they handle their brand, even though he don't have much experience with body kits

The first time he tried drifting was back in December 2009, where he managed to go sideways within 3 minutes of driving. Extreme love for the art form led me to try it again the next day, but this time he found himself at a loss as to how to control my car's movement.

After that day he used what he learned from his first attempt and practiced a lot more. He has been going sideways for about 8 months now, where the only thing limiting him now is the car's traction.

During the Gulf Car Festival in Dubai, he had one experience when he was drifting at 220 kilometers per hour on a bend, the rear wheels gained traction and picked up speed so rapidly that it literally ripped off both front fenders, yet being so close to the curve made my drift manageable. Even though it lacks power (140 horsepower), its weight. The evolution has come too far, his car is currently set up like this :

The only thing I could say is, it's too slow!!! but at least I can drift and make extremely long drifts.

"The most essential thing is to believe in yourself and what you want to do. This applies to all types of entrepreneurship, whether it's starting a business, seeking work, or anything else."

-Hassan Saleh AlAli.

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