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Ethical Hacker Shoaib Patwary Ready to make a short film on cyber crimes!

Shoaib Patwary, a certified ethical hacker, has finally got the break of his life as he will soon be directing a short film on cybersecurity in Bollywood.

He has been working on a number of cases which he has solved over the years through ethical hacking. He believes that with the ever-advancing world and technology taking over the traditional ways of living, cybersecurity is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of the country as well as its citizens.

His film will be an eyeopener for those who do not take cybersecurity very seriously and give some important insights on how to approach such cases.

"I am extremely glad to have this opportunity to make a short film on my favourite subject. I have been travelling around the world due to my profession and have solved some very clustered cases over the years. Whatever I have learned through this practice, I will try to convey through my film so that people would be able to understand the importance of cybersecurity," said Patwary.

"In India, people do not take cybersecurity very seriously as it doesn’t sound like murder or any other grevious crime. But trust me, cybercrimes have caused even bitter deaths around the world and there are plenty of countries who have already started taking this very seriously," he added.

He has not revealed much about the project but has said that this short film will change people's perception towards cyber crimes.

"I have seen many cases in my life where people lost their everything just because someone hacked into their accounts andThere were cases in which people got stalked on the internet and were conspired to death. I have put all these ingredients in my short film and I hope this hits the right spots in the hearts of the viewers and they start taking this a little more seriously," he hoped.

The film is expected to hit floors by January 2020 and may feature some big names of the Hindi film industry. Looking at the confidence of Patwari, it seems like a game changer in the Indian film industry as so far we do not have many movies based on cyber crime.

If the short film does well, the director wants to work with some of the leading actors of the industry. "If my fils goes well enough, I would surely love to work with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shah Rukh Khan if ever given a chance. That will be a dream come true moment for me," he concluded.

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