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Exemplary Youth Awards results announced

Exemplary Youth Awards 2021 submissions are over which was held by Stellar Talent Awards and we are glad to announce the names of all the awardees onboard. All the awardees were selected on the basis of their works and contribution to society in every manner. Nomination for this virtual award ceremony started in May and finally, at the end of June, we are with our talented awardees. Stellar Talent Awards, started by Mohammad Shabaz Alam is an MSME registered organization that aims to provide all possible ways to show up the hidden talents of each and every person who deserves to be awarded for their work.

A man once said, “Being grateful for something and not expressing it out is just like packing a gift and not permitting it to open.” And with this thought, Mohammad Shabaz came up with “Exemplary Youth Awards – 2021” which is a great success in finding out the precious talents and awarding them in every category which they truly deserve.

Those who were not able to take part in Exemplary Youth Awards - 2021, need not worry as Stellar Talent Awards will be coming soon with another category of award. According to Mohammad Shabaz, “We will be coming soon with another category of award with some unique efforts and ideas in it which will truly help all the deserving talents to explore in their field and increase their fan base as well as their courage.”

Here are the names of the awardees of Exemplary Youth Awards 2021: Jeenat Perveen, Anusha Metia, Murchhana Baliarsingh, Gajala Yasmin, Sona Shivapriyan, Suriyanshi Mishra, Harsha Kanojia, Urooj Fatima, Dr. Shruti Deshpande, Dr. Amit Pandey, Khushi Sharma, Zala Ramiben Devsibhai Sandeshi, Nazrana Ahsan Wani, Mahendra Dwivedi, Shreya Halder, Pratham Mittal, Mehrzaad Mogrelia, Shrikrut Kuraware, Bandhul Vikas Khanna, M Harshini, Sai Sisters, Meetu Chopra, Sanya Tikarya, Sayooj S, Rutba Qayoom, Vinita Sharma, Miss.L.G.Thasmaiya, Pratik Deepak Khodke, Preethi, Mahwash Ali, Ruby R Yadav, Dr. Dimple Boro, Zaid Nabi, Vraj Modi, Dew Chakraborty, Kamna Sagar, Dr. Nandini(PT), Vani, Sunidhi Saini, Shubham Pareek, Sakshi Gurjar, Amit Nandwani.

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