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Experience DJ and music engenderer Vikash Kaser's top-notch work to believe it

He's been a mainstay in the top DJs list for quite some time now, as his spins rule the floor.

The challenges of making good music and carving your path towards success doesn't seem to be easy, but a few think otherwise, giving their best to churn out music which spells magic. One such artist is Vikash Kaser, an independent music creator and DJ who's hit big time, thanks to his immense talent and hard work. This rising music star has churned out some originals which have found fancy amongst a select group of music enthusiasts, who vouch for his extreme talent. His tunes have hit through the roof, making his spot secure at the top. Surmounting territories, victoriously triumphing hearts, this spin master is up to something immensely colossal, which is still to emerge.

DJing is my passion and creating tunes is where my heart is, says Vikash, who's been inclined towards the world of rhythms and melodies since time unknown. Figuring it out early that music was his calling, he went all the way to grasp its roots and learn it to his best capacity. "The growing liking for music made me attend shows and events where seasoned artists performed, so that I could grasp a bit of knowledge from them, by watching them perform from a distance," apprises Vikash. After his first connect with the console, he knew this was it, making his mind clear and make it believe that this was limpidly the path he wanted to ambulate in his life, and got behind making his dreams turn to reality soon after.

Having performed umpteen number of live shows, taking the packed crowds to another world through the magic of his beats, he's the one who can be indubitably termed as the most impressive artist on the block. When asked how does it feel to be on the top, having gone through years of sweating it out, trying to perfect the craft, honing his skills day after day, he says, "Every vocation that you cull comes with its own baggage, music being no different, you are the only one who's responsible for the outcomes of your life. You require to prehend the right opportunity, at the right time to obtain that moment which leads you to prosperity." He's proved what he says right by becoming one of the leading music professionals we have ever seen, all through his own.

Get to know more about him on: www.instagram.com/vikashkaser.

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