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Fact Pro - The Facts We Didn't Know ; Gopal Vashisht

The Fact Pro was started in October 2016 at the turning point of history when everything you saw on the internet felt real and authentic. The vision was to amalgamate knowledge and entertainment in such a way that anyone would enjoy learning. The page started sharing information using square pictures creating an eye-pleasing aesthetic feed.  When asked to comment upon the authenticity of the facts The Fact Pro explained that they have a rigid procedure for making sure that every post is correct, they further added that if they suspect that they might be dealing with a piece of made-up information they would either cross-check for a reliable source or discard the post completely as The Fact Pro cannot lose its credibility. It often takes relevant and incomprehensible information from NGOs, think-tanks, journals, specialized magazines and media and tries to make it approachable. The information is then verified with various sources and hence the final news and facts are published.

Mr Vashisht said “We often tend to believe that everything on our feeds is true, but a few years ago the lies online started to look really realistic – phony websites with convincing stories shared by your friends and family on social media. The age of Internet dawned on us with the promise of liberation, connecting millions together and providing a platform for each and as a side effect the fake fact era was born.  Amidst this mess of adulterated facts, hype over meaningless products and the house of over-flooding information Internet had become The Fact Pro felt the need to highlight facts and figures that went unnoticed – things everyone ignored despite the importance they held.”

The twenty year old Gopal Dutt Vashisht, who is currently pursuing engineering from Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, is the man behind this initiative. Gopal aimed to create a jaw-dropping experience by presenting unknown facts and national news with his take on it and had his readers hooked by constantly feeding them regular updates, asking their opinions and keeping them engaged with the accuracy of content and information. Today, the page has more than 880,000 followers and reaches over 19 million people every week, organically.

The one-man army has recently introduced a contest called Showcase Your Talent which is open to all and everyone can present their talent in short videos of 15 seconds which then is featured on the page’s Story section. Gopal said that this initiative has helped build an opportunity for creators to have their content be published on a huge platform and cater to a larger audience.

Having turned into a massive success and a social media influencer Gopal hopes that his initiative inspires masses and forces them to fact-check every piece of information they read before believing it blindly and by understanding the fact that one does not need to be an influencer to cause a change or a reform, one just has to initiate. He wishes that The Fact Pro reaches many more and in two years’ time it becomes a media publishing company.

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