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Fashion Blogger Urbasi Chowdhury Creates A Mark For Herself By Focusing on Corporate Styling

Urbasi Chowdhury is a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger who has set a benchmark for those who aspire to get into this line of work. She is a full-time Corporate Professional and Social Media Influencer. However, she always had a passion to work in fashion and venture into blogging.

In 2013, Urbasi Chowdhury started her own blog called 'Love Life Fashion Style' where she would share about the latest fashion and style trends. Her blog is not about regular styling but caters to Corporate Fashion and Lifestyle which is covered quite rarely. 

The talented blogger has over 80K followers on all social media handles and more than 70k reach of her blog. Urvashi documents her journey and creates relatable content which interests the audience and followers who love her work.

What makes Urbasi Chowdhury a remarkable woman is that along with her job and working on her blog, she is also a doting mother to a girl. On her blog, Urvashi also captures the journey and life of a working mother.

Thus, with her passion and determination, Urbasi Chowdhury inspires many women like her who work, have different interests and also have to look after their children.

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