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fbb launches India's First Festive Rap song

Catchy hip-hop music sets the mood for the Festive Fashion collection

India’s Fashion Hub fbb introduces its first-ever fashion rap song today. With foot-tapping beats and original fun lyrics, the film will be released across the brand’s social media accounts.

fbb has leveraged the power of music to connect with the youth for showcasing the clothing line’s latest ethnic and stylish fashionwear collection. This first-of-its kind festive fashion song’s snazzy lyrics and upbeat music is all set to cause an exhilarating uproar among followers and customers who can participate in the online contest to win exciting prizes. Keeping the campaign primarily engagement based, the edgy rap composition is targeted to captivate the younger audiences.

The campaign is a combination of brand-led and influencer-led engagement-oriented marketing in collaboration with NDMPL. fbb's has also roped in actress Sonnali Seygall and renowned dancer Aadil Khan to recreate their versions of the rap song. Other influencers include Naina Singh and Abhishek Varma, who are renowned TV reality personalities. 

You can check the fbb's Festive Rap song here - https://www.instagram.com/p/CVUUk-EDlck/ 

Speaking about the rap, Pawan Sarda, CMO – Digital, Marketing & E-commerce, Future Group said “fbb always aspires to capture the fun, spirited and expressive vibes of its young patrons in fashion and inspire the next trend among our customers. Fashion, like music is an expression of celebratory mood. It is fluid and inspires and uplifts, just like good music does. Hence, the next best thing for us was to integrate a contemporary rap song in the introduction of our latest festive fashion collection.”

Speaking about the rap,Natasha Saraogi, NDMPL founder,said – "Creating a song has some of the highest recall value for a brand. We wanted to stand out from the rest and create something fun that truly resonates with fbb's audience this festive season. The rap is upbeat, catchy, and stylish and is a great content form to engage with our digital audience."

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