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FIF Promote Bodybuilding in India – Harminder Dulowal serves as FIF India President

Fitness International Federation is a community and a platform that promotes bodybuilding, Fitness, and sports in various Countries. Though founded by several countries it is headquartered in Singapore and Dennis TEW is known to be the FIF world President while Harminder Dulowal serves as the FIF India President and Manvir Mander is the FIF INTERNATIONAL athlete director. Competitors from India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand participate in the event of FIF International Mortal Battle every year.


Needless to say, Bodybuilding has always been famous in India, and people have known it simply as ‘Pehelwani’. FIF holds bodybuilding and physique championships for men and women internationally alongside different prestigious competitions across the world and has encouraged many athletes over the years. Recently FIF International Mortal Battle Mr. Asia Bodybuilding and Main Physique contest was held on 10th December in Malaysia under the guidelines and supervision of Harminder Dulowal, FIF India president where 12 Participants from India participated in the category of bodybuilding physical fitness model junior, senior bodybuilding, and master categories and clinched seven Gold, five silver, and seven bronze medals.


Prominent Personality and world-renowned international bodybuilder Harminder Dulowal is the FIF India President that oversees and streamlines competitive events of FIF International Mortal Battle for team India under his guidelines and supervision. For the first time, FIF has made history by hosting the FIF mortal battle in Malaysia on 10th December 2022. The previous events hosted by FIF includes FIF Asia Novice championship in 2019, FIF China Championship in 2020, FIF International Athlete Membership in 2019. FIF Dennis Worldwide classic PRO/AM is the upcoming event that will take place on 18th Feb 2023 in Singapore.


No doubt, India has brought many strength athletes to the world, especially when it comes to physical culture and bodybuilding has been a part of the Indian sporting culture for many years. With prominent figures like Harminder Dulowal, India has a rich legacy of bodybuilders. It is even evident today with the success of international vegetarian bodybuilder Harminder Dulowal who represents India on the world stages.

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