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Finsbury London® launches the world's first-ever clothing label which deals exclusively in women's dungarees

The year 2020 was all about loungewear because the world worked from home but the year 2021 is going to be a little more structured sartorially, hence dungarees may just be the new lockdown look for ladies who want to stay home but still stay in touch with their inner divas. With a protective bib on the chest, tight straps coming from back to front, and one-piece joining bottom to the top, dungarees are the ultimate outfit that keeps you snuggled and free at the same time. It is this inspiration that propelled FINSBURY LONDON® to become the world’s first womenswear brand to present the world’s largest collection of handmade dungarees. It goes without saying that each piece in this collection is unique and a fashion statement in itself.

What makes FINSBURY LONDON® different from other women’s wear brands is that instead of dealing in everything from bottom to upper, maxi to mini and tops to dresses, this clothing company has chosen to focus on just one thing - Dungarees. Each dungaree, thus, is a tribute to young women who love wearing this extraordinary outfit and remain on top of their fashion game.

The company has described the outfit to be better than other outfits because “you need to carry other outfits but a dungaree carries you and sets you free so that you remain focused on what you are doing in each moment.” The FINSBURY LONDON® dungarees are designed in the UK and handmade in India. The brand offers free shipping on orders delivered to both India and the UK while standard shipping charges are applicable on orders to the rest of the world. The brand outfits can be purchased from the company webstore – https://www.finsburylondon.com

The designs, developed after years of research and development, are aimed at staying relevant for longer. The fact that each one of their designs is unique, original & registered under The Controller General of Patents & Designs & Trademark makes each dungaree a piece to own and cherish. The uniqueness and variety of these dungarees is visible in the designs such as infusion of prints with denim, crystal works contrast threat stitching and contrast hem, etc. Some of the most popular articles in the FINSBURY LONDON® collection are – Zebra print women’s dungaree, Blue Gingham Check women’s dungaree, and Zed Black Jogger’s Denim dungaree. Positioning themselves as “not just another clothing label”, Finsbury London’s mission is “to design and manufacture the widest range of sturdiest dungarees for every occasion and each season.

Apart from using only sustainable fabrics, the company ensures that all its trims are developed keeping the highest possible quality in mind. From the metal used to create buttons and buckles to the elasticity of adjustable straps, FINSBURY LONDON® believes in going for the best of the best for the collection.

Not in the ‘rat race’ of cheap manufactured goods, FINSBURY LONDON® is the promoter of slow fashion that is super-premium in quality and limited in quantity. As of now, 90% of their manufacturing work is done by hand, which lends that ‘beautiful inconsistency of human touch’ to each piece, making it unique to wear. The company is proud to announce that all their dungarees are made in India, in a factory that doesn’t indulge in child labour practices, and where each worker gets fair wages and works in a socially compliant environment of the highest standard.

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