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Food Influencer Michael Valor’s Empire of Gastronomy

The era of digital growth and communication is upon us. Social Media platforms like Insta and Facebook have offered a way to stay constantly connected, while also acting as tools of entertainment and information. These platforms have also given rise to influencers who use their knowledge and experiences to keep their online community engaged. Food influencer Michael Valor is one such individual.

Valor was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and graduated from Wake-field Rolesville in 2013. Soon, he began to immerse himself in the food space, traveling to several cities and learning about the local food culture. Today, Valor has over 68k followers on Instagram, making him one of the biggest food influencers in the USA. His success has earned him the title of ‘Prince of Pizza’.

Valor regularly collaborates with local and international food franchises, using his influencer prowess to promote the hottest events, trending dishes, and new locations. His recent collaborations include nightclubs such as Alchemy and Still Life, Carolina based pizzeria Johnny’s Pizza, Seattle’s famous Henny House, and the Asian Bistro Eighty8. He is also an active promoter of social media marketing for food brands, having seen its potential first hand.

Valor’s rise to fame and success is a truly credible feat. In the span of just a few years, he has cemented his position in the digital food space. The Prince of Pizza has ascended to the throne, and if recent trends are anything to go by, his reign will be a monumental one.

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