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For being the Emcee for multiple IPL seasons, M J Rakesh has created massive headlines

His stints as a radio jockey, emcee, comic, and much more have earned him much recognition throughout his career.


Over the years, there have been a few shows, events, sports leagues, etc., that have always remained in the news for reasons more than one. Ever wondered what could be the reasons for the evident rise of such shows in the last decade like the Indian Premier League? Of course, the fast-paced 20-overs game has always pumped up people and Cricket lovers with much energy and enthusiasm, who excitedly come forward to support their respective teams, but the kind of hard work and commitment many other professionals show backing up the IPL and playing various roles to make it a huge success is also one of the prime reasons that have led the league reach where it is today. These include the many hosts, panel members, and emcees of each game in the IPL. Making his name prominent being, one of them is M J Rakesh.


M J Rakesh has been one of the most talked-about hosts and emcees of the Indian Premier League for 10 seasons. In 2022 as well, he served as the emcee of IPL and showed his excellence as a one-of-a-kind host with his confidence, unique vibe, and personality. M J Rakesh is known as a Mic Jockey, apart from gaining prominence as a Radio Jockey for 12 years. He is a Professional Emcee, Interactive Gamer, Team-building Specialist, and even a Comic who has made people laugh with rib-tickling comedy and his comic character on Radio Professor Ulfat Sultan. Being an Emcee for the IPL for multiple seasons, M J Rakesh said, “What could I say for being a part of the biggest Cricket 20-20 tournament in India, which people love, adore, and feel passionate about? I have always loved being a part of the IPL and enjoyed every bit of being in front of the camera and hosting for my audiences.”


Apart from IPL, M J Rakesh is known for hosting the biggest corporate events, Pro Kabaddi (6 seasons), Celebrity shows, ISL Football (3 seasons), Marathons, and even famous parties and concerts nationally and overseas. He is even well-known for his stint in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 6.


M J Rakesh has truly spellbound people with his multiple talents and aims to do much more in the coming years.

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