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Food that makes you feel even hungrier, as soon as you taste it, that’s the skill showcased by Taha Maklai. Sugarskull.ae aka Taha Maklai is a dessert specialist, who has been creating enchanting and irresistible desserts with such great aesthetics and zeal, that he has procured immense recognition. Taha is an experienced food blogger as well, commencing blogging 3+ years back and establishing his grandeur. Capturing the spellbinding aesthetics in the lenses of his camera, the pictures can make people crave for more.
Acknowledgment and recognition paved his way to success. Prominent collaborators and many prestigious bloggers have already started to work with him closely and Taha has collaborated and amalgamated his knowledge with theirs, to engender innovative ideas. Not being limited to a dessert specialist, Taha Maklai is not only independent but a versatile and illustrious person.  Prodigal photography, combined with varying skills of creating a variety of promotional content, engendering innovative hashtags and captions that mystify people ad make them go beyond crazy! Being highly interactive, Maklai also offers great giveaways. These skills grasped the attention of many and dragged him to the limelight.

Adding to his splendor, he has been featured in Khaleej Times, CosmoMiddleast  and also the dessert specialist procured top post on #dessert and #dessertporn. A lively and energetic aura around him, Maklai is a conversationalist and a food connoisseur. He believes in acquiring the true essence of life and has created a phrase for himself – “Life is short, why not the dessert first”. Aiming to be at the pinnacle in the list of dessert specialists in his region, he is endeavoring to achieve what he has proclaimed. His content is so unparalleled and appealing, it adds to the gravity of his desserts. The delectable desserts are right on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sugarskull.ae/
As admirable he is now, we hope Taha Maklai becomes the top-notch dessert specialist and soon becomes a food king proffering us with more delicious delights!

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