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For Shubham Kumar of Team Last Page, Sky is the limit.

Their are generally no shortcuts to any place worth going. “Agar itna asaan hota to sab manzil par pahonchte, safar poora krna apne aap mai ek suffer h” - The saying applies not just to travel but in our life as well and those who travel to their destination are polished by hard work and sheer dedication. Team Last Page - A production house that is curated by Shubham Kumar has come a long way and there have been absolutely no short cuts in the journey. 

"Ever since the first day of establishment my only goal was to produce content and videos that would touch people's heart.I actually gave this project my blood and sweat as fuel and when I look back now I realise that we have come a long way." Shubham Kumar owner of Team Last Page tells about his journey. 

But Shubham also realises that he has a long way to go and now is not the time to stop. Having shot and directed over 130 music videos now along with a short film and a web series. Shubham now wants to scale up the efforts and now try his hands in feature film making which is anyways going to be a reality soon as he has a project in hand.  While it might be new to him, Team Last Page is not afraid of the challenges and ready to roll over with some new hiring’s and a bigger team all these new ventures are going to be more exciting and fun.

As per Shubham, "Anurag Kashyap is my idol. Just like he breathes life into characters of his cinema without the help of a known face or a superstar, similarly I require a good story and the star cast doesn't matter." The aspirations are at right place and Shubham knows that once he gets the opportunity of making a movie it will be a challenge. But this is a challenge he will readily accept because he is waiting for that moment when he would have the canvas of filmmaking to his name and he will paint at his will. Looking at the eagerness of Shubham and his eager to be successful in this field, one can easily guess that this painting of his is going to be worth staring at. 

You can contact Team Last Page on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

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