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The rising research and marketing firm, Foxclues focuses primarily on efficient usage of resources, statistical measured research, and proper implementation of strategies for targeted marketing. It was in the news recently, for its endeavor to honor the best authors, irrespective of genres and categories, for their exceptional contributions to society, in their own unique styles. The company successfully hosted the “India Prime 100 Authors Award” and honored the winners with prestigious awards. The Judges are from Education Affairs Secretariat and they have evaluated the contributions made by the participants to the society and honored the top 100 authors. Despite the world being in the clasp of the global pandemic, the organization did not let such circumstances be a hindrance and actually chose this time as a selective opportunity to spread hope among people and encourage them for their great deeds. Various authors, writers, poets, researchers, and journalists who were talented and deserving, came into the limelight due to these awards. Young renowned Entrepreneur, Author, and Indian Philosopher, Mrinal KJ commented that there are many talented people who are just not provided the opportunities to prove themselves. He further added that they intended to welcome, encourage and honor the hardworking and exceptional writers & researchers who inspired, motivated and saved a lot of people during various low times, to keep up with their good work and to let them know that efforts never go wasted and they lit the lives of others up. He gave a special note on researchers mentioning that it takes hard work to summarize and analyze about specific topic whereas we can see many researchers have accomplished multiple things and that is incredible. The winner’s list is attached below:

Name Designation/Author of
Biswaroop Mitra Author (The Mayawati of Kailasa)
Pratiksha Pradeep Ghodke Shades of Life
Pausali Mukherjee, Flip to Fillip
Sougat Nayak (The Loser & I Quit)
M a Murtoza Study on Fitness Awareness of Physical Fitness
Sujit Kumar Mishra Fundamentals of Android App Development
Himanshuwar Thakur (Mr.Typewriter)
Chaitanya yechuri "The Sacred Simulation "
Nitin goplani shayar e alam
Nitin Kalal Medical Practitioner
Pratik Ravindra Khandagale A Swipe to Bid Adieu
Asmita Lehandas Meshram Love & Sex
Bendangsashi Walling "Unmasking Language "
Mohd azam Renowned Author
Anantinee Mishra Manhattan to Munnar
Nandini Viswanathan The Book Shelf
Milind tulshiram kadam Henry Marlon And The Truth
Nikhil Govil Research Topic: Genetically Engineered Software Testing Through Mutants
Kushal Chakraborty Physics Researcher
Sankalp Pradeep Shukla Mahekti Dharohar and Mihika
Jina Sarma Prem Ki Kalaa
CA. Sumit Menaria Tashree...Don't Look into Her Eyes!
Dr. Francis D'Costa 51 Habits of highly successful people
Manisha Koushik Fenghsui Tips for a Better Living
Sushil kumar "Dipak soni" Turning Point
Vijay Singh Rajput The Immortal Science (Who planned the Universe?)
Arun Dev Narayan Saaye Tere Mere
Bimal Tiwari “Atmbodh” Loktantra Ki Haar
Ankita Sarkar Unicorn
Raghav Chauhan Seasons of Heart
Shweta Maheshwari She Met Life
Dr. Kamal Shah Recent Advancement in Prodrugs
Dr. Abdul Salam Khan Assistant Professor
Vinod kumar vicky Renowned Author
Dr Manas Ranjan Behera Associate Professor
Senorita Joyce “ONE STEP AT A TIME”
Dr Neetu Faujdar Modified levels of parallel odd-even transposition sorting network (OETSN) with GPU computing using CUDA
Tanu singh Maya ek Ehsaas
Dr. Rohitas deshmukh Associate Professor
Devanshu Tripathi Amazing facts of Indian Mythology
Shriya Sarangi Two sides- the rational and irrational mind
Dr Priya Verma Centre for Children and Special Care Dentistry
Kumar Nishant "War of Secrets
Abhishek Kumar Anmol Fossil of time
Chaitanya yechuri "The Sacred Simulation
Sonal Singh Author
Pratik Ravindra Khandagale A Swipe to Bid Adieu
Rekha bhagtani 52 Pips
Dr. Siva Prasad Panda Associate Professor
Mr Tanuj Joshi Patent holder under the name Drainage Grating Assembly
Atul Bansal Research Topic: Determining Diabetes using Irish Recognition System
Hemant Agarwal Power of Employee Engagement
Sayyed mohammad faizan masroor Research Topic: Mechanical And Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour Of Novel Glass-Natural Fibre
Pawan Kumar Verma Assistant Professor, GLA University, Mathura, UP.
Dr. Anuj Garg Research Topic: Development and investigation of Artemether loaded binary solid lipid nanoparticles
Srinivasan Gopalan Fab Four - The Legend of Garuda (Fiction: Mythological Spy Thriller)
Author B. Talekar The Dark Dekken
Sarbajit Chowdhury Speaking From The Autumn Of My Life
Jaymin Shah A walk with Myself
Parismita baruah Author
Ajay Menon.A Aftermath: The Purpose and Conflict
Aasim Shah The Lords of the Indian Subcontinent'
Dhruthik Shankar The Hour of Life
Ch Siddharth Nanda Asst. Director
Filza Maryam Me and My Unspoken Self
Rahul Pradhan Assistant Professor
T .vijayarajan Author
Devesh kumar singh You Are Thee Priority
Dr. Amit Kumar Saraswat Department of Mathematics, GLA University, Mathura
Ankita Bhatia Virtual Entrepreneur and Writer
Suraj Nautiyal Lost of Girl
Sanya tikraya Writer and Poet
Padmini dutta sharma Glass Splinters
Mehak Budhrani Kukreja Six inches are enough on heels...not in bed!!!
Mr. Dattatraya Wamanrao Gawali Graduate Teacher.
Pinkey s jain Sumer Mann Wings
Dr N.V.Surendra babu Professor in FED
Mr.S.Daison Stallon Assistant Professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology Coimbatore
Gunjan Agarwal "Early Maths Matter"
Raghav Chauhan Season's of Heart
Aashish Saihgul Humming Poetics
Fawaz Jaleel Nobody Likes An Outsider
Prabin sharma The Way I Learn
Dr Nisha Sharma Assistant professor, Invertis University, Bareilly
Dr Neetu Faujdar Assistant Professor
Dr. Vinayak Singh Tomar Research in Applied Zoology and Animal Physiology
Subhash Chand Agrawal Assistant Professor, Dept. of CEA
Sarah You Ebrahim Unmasked Semblances
Subhrasankar Das Sfotikchapa Phosphorus
Rohit Shetty Breaking Silence 5
Vivek Kumar bajaj Common Mistakes and Myth
Devanshu Tripathi Dream of Common boy

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