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From Instagram to TIK TOK “theunafforadablebeast” aka Aayush Is Making Buzz With Style Everyday

Theunaffordablebeast is as popular and loved as a Bollywood star with amazing fanbase on Instagram. He has more than 50k Followers in a little time, Theunaffordablebeast aka Aayush is India's fastest growing Male blogger and nation's new heartthrob.

As social media has helped a lot of people share their amazing work and impress their followers with the same, it has also helped Aayush in gaining popularity.  Theunaffordablebeast is being able to be a part of many fashion shows and has helped in creating a new style every day.

Aayush's good looks, charm, style, and super cool personality helped him earn a lot of admirers on apps like Instagram TIK TOK and many others. He didn't work in any movie or a show, yet his fan following is incredible. 

Initially, when Aayush | Theunaffordablebeast started his blog it was all about basic fashion and styling. Slowly, he began sharing videos of his daily dress ups and styling on Instagram. It didn't take much time for him to come into the limelight.

He also has a huge girls fan following who often reshare his photos and videos.  Without having done any movie or show, the handsome boy has a fan frenzy no less than any Bollywood actor.

He might soon be seen working with big ventures for fashion and styling purpose. Well, Aayush aka Theunaffordablebeast has already worked for many Brands which is superb. Despite having no contacts, he is being approached by several brands and it's truly inspiring.  He has been collaborating with some big brands in India and the US as well and has been giving some good reach with his great audience.

In no time, this boy from Rajasthan will soon achieve bigger things. With his understanding of fashion and styling, Aayush will soon be seen working with bigger products and brands and his fan following will only go up.

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