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From Period Care to Women's Wellness: Mild Cares' Comprehensive Approach to Hygiene

Mild Cares

Mild Cares is not just another period-care brand. Its story is one of inspiration, dedication, and a deep desire to improve women's lives during menstruation. It all began with Sandeep Vyas, the founder, who saw firsthand the struggles and discomfort his mother and wife went through during their periods. He knew it was time to do something about this.


And so, Mild Cares was born - a range of feminine hygiene products that are not only comfortable but also discreet so that women can go about their daily lives without any distractions. Sandeep's vision was simple yet powerful: to create products that would help women forget about their periods and focus on what truly matters - their goals, their dreams, and their passions.


Through his unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and innovation, Sandeep has created a brand that women can trust and rely on. But that's not all. Mild Cares is also dedicated to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and keeping its production within the country's borders. Their motto, "Aatma Nirbhar Bharat," or self-reliant India, aligns perfectly with the government's vision, and they are committed to contributing to the community, international organizations, and educational sectors.


Creating a One-Stop-Shop for Women's Hygiene Needs


Mild Cares' journey has been one of dedication, hard work, and a deep commitment to improving the lives of women. They are continually improving their products and expanding their reach, with a particular focus on raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and the use of menstrual cups in rural Tier II and III cities.


When Sandeep Vyas founded Mild Cares, his goal was to improve the lives of women during menstruation by creating comfortable and discreet feminine hygiene products. However, he soon realized that women's hygiene needs to be extended far beyond menstruation. That's why Mild Cares offers a comprehensive range of products that cater to women's hygiene needs in all aspects of their lives.


Under the brand Mild Cares, the company has created a one-stop-shop for women's hygiene needs, including Period Care Products, Toilet Care Products, and Intimate Care Products. Their current product portfolio includes Menstrual Cups, Intimate Wash, Stand & Pee, Cramp Relief Roll-On, Stretch Mark Removal Cream, Toilet Seat Cover, and much more in the health and wellness category.


But Mild Cares' offerings don't stop there. The brand has plans to expand into new categories such as Maa Care, Pregnancy Care, PCOS / PMS Care, Women's Wellness, and Intimate Care. This expansion will allow them to offer a more comprehensive range of products that cater to the specific needs of women in different stages of life.


Moreover, Mild Cares is dedicated to making its products more easily accessible to customers. They plan to expand their distribution channels and integrate an Artificial Intelligent Bot with WhatsApp, enabling personalized and convenient access to information and support.



Breaking the Taboo: Mild Cares' Mission to Educate and Empower


Mild Cares is on a mission to create a better world for menstruators by raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and promoting sustainable living. The brand recognizes the need to break the taboo surrounding menstruation, and to make sure that menstruation care products are accessible and eco-friendly.


One of the ways the brand is achieving this is by investing in education and awareness about menstrual hygiene. By providing information and breaking down stigma, Mild Cares is empowering women to make informed choices and take control of their menstrual health.


In addition to this, Mild Cares is committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in its products. This includes using medical-grade silicone for menstrual cups, which reduces the environmental impact of disposable products and promotes sustainable living.


The brand is also expanding its distribution channels to reach more customers, such as retail pharmacies, department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, 24X7 stores, and airport shopping. The brand believes that making its products more easily accessible will help more women have access to quality menstrual care solutions.


Moreover, the brand aims to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and the use of menstrual cups, especially in rural and Tier II and III cities, through ground-level promotions. By doing so, Mild Cares is helping to create a better world for the community of menstruators.


Innovating Period Care with Technology


Mild Cares is revolutionizing the period care industry by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products. The brand's innovative use of LSR technology in its menstrual cups has been a game-changer for the comfort and satisfaction of menstruators. The use of liquid silicon allows for a more precise fit and a comfortable feel, leading to a more positive user experience and better hygiene.


As the brand continues to strive for excellence, it plans to bring in more technological advancements in the future. The company is already working on developing Smart menstrual cups and Biometric sensor technology that could take period care to the next level.


While these innovations are still in the works, Mild Cares is committed to staying ahead of the competition and providing the best products for its customers.

Growing and Adapting: Mild Cares' Retail Strategy


Mild Cares has been experiencing a steady 10% month-on-month growth, indicating its ability to attract and retain customers with its innovative and customer-centric approach. To expand its reach and increase awareness, the company is leveraging various marketing channels such as social media, influencer marketing, and email campaigns, targeting its broad demographic of menstruators aged between 12 to 50 years.


While the direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel has been successful in building strong customer loyalty and retention, Mild Cares is open to exploring new retail strategies. The company is considering adopting an omnichannel approach, which would require a deep understanding of its customers, market, and capabilities.


Advancing Women's Health with Innovative Plans


Mild Cares is gearing up for an exciting future with ambitious plans to expand its product offerings and reach new heights of success. With a vision to empower women across India, the brand aims to introduce new categories such as Maa Care, Pregnancy Care, PCOS/PMS Care, Women's Wellness, and Intimate Care. By doing so, Mild Cares intends to cater to the unique needs of women at every stage of life, offering them innovative and effective solutions.The company's future plans also include integrating technological advancements and increasing its reach through various channels.


Furthermore, Mild Cares is committed to raising awareness about menstrual hygiene, sustainable living, and the use of innovative menstrual care solutions. The brand's future plans involve investing in education and awareness campaigns to break the stigma surrounding menstruation and promote healthy practices.


The brand's commitment to advancing women's health and wellbeing, combined with its innovative products and customer-centric approach, is sure to pave the way for a bright and successful future.




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