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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused partial or even complete lockdown at several places across the globe. This has forced people to reorient their lifestyles and stay indoors. People have adopted work from the home culture with the passing time. But with no end to the pandemic soon, the professionals are visualizing this phase as the opportunity to upskill yourself and be ready for the coming future. Many of the organizations are encouraging their staff to learn new and advanced technologies either through the internal Learning Management System or through other sources. With the bad phase still to arrive, employability becomes the biggest challenge and the survivors will be the winners. Keeping this in mind, virtual learning is going to open the doors of the self-learning mechanism which will be the game-changer in the coming times.

As the word technology defines a vast spectrum, it becomes difficult to understand, which technology needs to be adopted for survival in such a volatile world. In today’s era, there are close to 700 programming languages out of which 245 are notable. Choosing one of them to learn is the most difficult task!!!

To understand the difficulty of a programmer in-depth, we put across the same question to Rahul Sharma, CEO, INVENTATEQ. The first thing that he mentioned in this regard is that coding can be done in any of the programming languages, but the logic is the key to develop a good and effective program. He said that the first and the most important thing of a program is the logic behind it along with the flow chart. Once we have the correct flow chart, then any coder would be able to code the same in the computer language. As per him, programming language is just like any other language and it is used to express the code for the computer in logical ways to perform the desired flow of instructions to achieve the correct output.

Investigating more to understand the language to choose, Mr Sharma said that every individual has his capability to learn and understand. At first, it is very much evident to understand the languages that you are currently using in your professional life then you must focus on the same and try to upgrade yourself in the same domain. If you are new to coding, then find out your interest in the particular language by learning the basics of the same or researching about it through the internet and other sources. Mr Sharma urged the coders not to learn or jump from language to language for the sake of the job as it will not be useful in the long run. He emphasized on learning one language and then master it before switching to another language. Giving more insights, he mentioned that as per the current trend, Python training is advisable as it can be used in multiple technologies. He mentioned that Python is a general programming language and it one of the most used languages globally. The best part of using Python as a programming language is that it can be used in web development, GUI applications, Gaming, Software development, Network level programming, database access etc. In the growing trend of data science and its application to solve the real-world problem, python as a computer language is widely used. It has a huge scope in the coming time as data is going to be the key to success. Post the pandemic, the world is going to run after the data science to predict such a pandemic scenario never happens again.

He mentioned that the data is going to run the world in the coming future, and every technical or non-technical person must be ready to adapt to the situation. No one in the world can live without technology, so do not be afraid or hesitant. Everyone needs to adopt the technology in one or the other form and all the people must be aware of this. Talking about the employment and opportunities, he mentioned that the pace has slowed down but it doesn't mean that the demand will vanish. In the end, he said it is the best time to prepare and learn more as everyone is going to get a chance to experiment in the future and this is the time for us to sharpen the axe as much as we can so that when we get the chance to strike, we can strike off the tree in one shot.

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